98 Year Old Vegan Doctor

This video is an interview with Dr. Ellsworth Wareham. Dr. Wareham is retired cardiothoracic surgeon. He retired when he was 95 years old. He is currently 98 years old. He is also a vegan.  He has been a vegan since his 50's.

He believes his healthful lifestyle contributes to his longevity, and he points to Loma Linda's Adventist Health Studies as evidence.

Dr. Ellsworth managed his weight by eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, and then there's his philosophy of life.

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  1. Thanks for this. Extremely inspirational. I’m trying to switch first to a vegetarian diet and then, eventually, to a vegan one so it’s interesting to hear from someone who has done it for decades and looks incredible – particularly for his age. Thanks again :)

  2. Hi Michelle

    Glad you liked that.. Agreed, that story is quite inspirational

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