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$40 Freshly Promo Code & Coupon Code

reshly ships prepared meals right to your front door. Unlike the other meal delivery services we’ve reviewed, it just takes a few minutes to prepare your meal. Below, you will find an updated Freshly promo code that will save you money as a new customer. It’s important to note that a Freshly coupon is only valid for new customers.

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Is HelloFresh Vegan? Is HelloFresh Vegetarian?

HelloFresh is the largest meal kit delivery company in 2019, but do they have vegan meals or veggie meals? We here at VeganBits are a vegan-focused resource, so we have put together an article on the best vegan meal kits. To save you the click, Hello Fresh came in last on the list at #5, and we are going to discuss why!

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Best Vegan Meal Kits Delivery (Our Top 5 Picks)

When it comes to us vegans, we know that from the very beginning, one of the hardest things about being a vegan is grocery shopping. It’s painstaking to walk into a supermarket and then go through each and every one ingredient carefully, to make sure that we are walking away with vegan ingredients.

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NomNomNow Review | 40% off Coupon

We typically care more for our pets, than we do for ourselves. Isn't that right? Well in this NomNomNow review, we are going to discuss why this dog/cat food company might just be the best choice for your beloved pet. My wife and I have always found difficulty in choosing the right dog food for our dog (Mila the pomski!).  We were always on the search for the healthiest dog food, and just as importantly, dog food that our puppy would love!

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50% Sun Basket Promo Code & Coupon Code

Sun Basket is a meal kit delivery service that specializes in vegan meal kits. Before placing your order, make sure to use our Sun Basket promo code! Sun Basket is a meal kit delivery company that ranks #1 for vegan plans on VeganBits. If you're a new customer, then there are always various Sun Basket promo codes or coupons available for your first order. The average cost per serving is $11.99. With the $35 discount code below, you will be paying around $6.99 per serving for your first order.

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What is Vegan Leather? (Everything You Need to Know!)

The name vegan leather may be at least a little bit confusing to most people. Wherever the term vegan leather appears, it seems to spark a wide debate on the topic. People ask questions about vegan leather ranging from “what is it made out of?”, “is it sustainable?” and “can you tell real leather from vegan leather?”.

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