is naan vegan

Is Naan Bread Vegan? Nope!

Is naan bread vegan? No, it’s not vegan.

Now that we got the short answer out of the way, lets discuss why naan isn’t vegan, as well as how you can cook or purchase vegan naan.

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vegan restaurants per capita

Vegan restaurants per capita

Are there enough vegan restaurants in your city? Chances are if you live in New York or Los Angeles, your answer would be yes. These largest US cities have upwards…

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what is vegan leather

What is Vegan Leather? (Everything You Need to Know!)

The name vegan leather may be at least a little bit confusing to most people. Wherever the term vegan leather appears, it seems to spark a wide debate on the topic. People ask questions about vegan leather ranging from “what is it made out of?”, “is it sustainable?” and “can you tell real leather from vegan leather?”.

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vegan friendly cities in usa

Most US Vegan-Friendly Cities of 2023 (Top 10 List!)

Whether you are vegan or not, you have probably noticed more and more vegan-friendly restaurants and grocery store options. This is no accident. Many cities across the U.S are adopting the lifestyle. For those that are vegan or are considering making the switch, I have put together a couple lists to point out the best vegan-friendly cities in America. A list put together with the help of a few different studies.

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