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Justin Fields




May 25, 2020

Sun Basket is the healthiest meal kit delivery in the industry, leading the space with many different dietary meal plans, and a focus on all organic. If you’re interested in trying them out, then I hope that our Sun Basket review helps you out!

Before we get started, we’re going to share a Sun Basket promo that will give take $35 off your order, come with free gift ($95 total value) with your first order! This is the lasted coupon by Sun Basket for May 2020. It’s also worth noting that the free gifts are cooking essentials from Williams Sonoma. That means, by using the discount code on our page, you’ll receive $95 in value on your first order!

$95 Sun Basket coupon

One last thing before we proceed with the review, while VeganBits (us!) is a vegan resource, we will be covering Sun Basket for all sorts of meal plans. Even as vegans, we do have family members that aren’t vegan, so it’s important that this review stays relevant for everyone.

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What is Sun Basket?

Sun Basket is a meal kit delivery service. In other words, when you order meals with SunBasket, Blue Apron, HelloFresh etc, you can expect to recieve a box filled with fresh ingredients. Along with the ingredients, you will find high quality receipes to help prepare your meal. When it comes to Sun Basket, their head chef is Justin Kelly, and she’s particularly responsible for the majority of the receipes.

What SunBasket has to offer isn’t pariculary unique, since there are over a dozen different companies in the meal plan space, but they’ve been able to grab a healthy marketshare in the industry by setting the bar at shipping out organic food & non-GMO food.

Our Sun Basket Review

We are going to begin from the very beginning, which includes signing up initially. When you start off by using our coupon, you’ll be directed to the signup process:

Entering Your Information:

signing up for sun basket

After we fill that out, the next screen is…

Your Subscription Settings:

setting up your subscription

On this page, you will have the option to select how large you want your order to be, in terms of servings and recipes. We’ll make sure to cover the price on various meal options later down.

Note how there is an option for the “Meal Preference”. When we bring down the dropdown box, you’ll see the following:

all meal options

For my fellow vegans, it should be noted that vegan meals fall under the “Vegetarian” option as well.

Selecting Your Meals:

meal options

We’re just showing you a small portion of all the meals available under the plan we selected, which was “Vegetarian”. On this page, you’ll have the opportunity to take a look at which meals you’d like to be delivered to you first. For future weeks, there will be different options.

Once you do select your meals, you will end up on the last screen which is to pay for your first box. As an another reminder, save money on your first order as a new customer with our discount code.