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Best Vegan Meal Kit Delivery (Our Top 5 Picks)

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October 2, 2019

When it comes to us vegans, we know that from the very beginning, one of the hardest things about being a vegan is grocery shopping. It’s painstaking to walk into a supermarket and then go through each and every one ingredient carefully, to make sure that we are walking away with vegan ingredients.

For the past two years, we have been a customer of various vegan meal kit delivery services, and without question, I can say that it has made my life considerably easier for when I’m in a pinch. Before meal kits, my wife and I would cook 95% of our meals at home because it was difficult to find a trustworthy vegan restaurant. I can’t complain about the meals we cook, but it’s safe to say that they are never restaurant-grade. More importantly, we lacked variety, since it was easier to cook a meal that we were familiar with, with ingredients we knew were truly vegan.

Once we incorporated vegan meal kits into our life, we’ve been able to try ingredients that we’ve never known about before, and we’ve been able to make meals that we never knew existed!

With that being said, below is a list of the top 5 vegan meal kit companies that we recommend.

#1 Sun Basket

vegan sun basket meal

Sun Basket is a meal kit delivery service that started in 2014 but has quickly become the number choice for meal variety. While Sun Basket also offers meal kits that are non-vegan, we recommend them due to being certified organic and having vegan options. For example, even the tofu from Sun Basket is non-GMO.

  • Average serving contains 550 to 800 calories

  • Every vegan meal contains at least 15g of protein

  • Every vegan meal contains at least 5g of fiber

  • The meals are rich in good fats such as omega-3s, olives, nuts, seeds and avocados.

How much is Sun Basket?2019-10-01T13:31:59-08:00
  • $10.99/serving when ordering 4 recipes per delivery
  • $11.99/serving when ordering 3 recipes per delivery
  • $12.99/serving when ordering 2 recipes per delivery

With the promo code above, you will pay $6.16/serving on your first order.

There are two servings per recipe.

When does Sun Basket deliver?2019-10-02T06:17:23-08:00

Sun Basket delivers 7 days per week but you are asked to provide your preferred three days.

etc. Option 1: Monday | Options 2: Wednesday | Options 3: Saturday

If your preferred days were the ones above, then Sun Basket will attempt to make sure that your weekly deliveries always come in on Monday, but if they aren’t able to, then they’ll use Wednesday.

Where does Sun Basket source their ingredients from?2019-10-02T06:21:53-08:00
Where does Sun Basket ship to?2019-10-02T06:25:56-08:00

Sun Basket ships to all states except for AK, HI, MT, & parts of NM.

Does Sun Basket charge for shipping?2019-10-02T06:31:17-08:00

As a new customer, if you use the following coupon code, on top of the $35 discount, you also receive free shipping on your first order. For future orders, you will pay $6.99 per delivery.

How to cancel your Sun Basket subscription?2019-10-02T06:32:56-08:00

If you’re an active customer for Sun Basket, you can follow this link to cancel your subscription.

“Had really great meals from here! So easy and fast to make. If you’re looking for a comfort food, keep looking. Sun basket keeps it healthy (but still tasting amazing!!). I love how most of the ingredients are organic and feel good about feeding some to my toddler. Customer service has been wonderful and fair if there’s a problem and I will keep ordering these meals :)”

Erika G.

“This service has reignited my interest in cooking and provided us with healthy and delicious food. I have learned different cooking techniques, added lots of delicious salads to my diet and put dinner on the table more frequently than before. We now eat less carbs and a wider variety of food that I was never comfortable cooking before. I appreciate the spice blends and convenience of having all the ingredients at hand.”

Lynn T.

“Fresh, different, satisfying. Order arrives complete, with simple and quick recipes, but so tasty. I am trying recipes and products that I would not have prepared on my own. The Chef gives excellent prepping techniques with even steps a child could prepare with you.”

Karen C.

#2 Purple Carrot

vegan meal from purple carrot

Purple Carrot is another meal kit delivery service that started in 2014. Unlike Sun Basket, Purple Carrot is a plant-based meal kit service, and more importantly, a very tasty one! Purple Carrot does not offer organic ingredients, but they do have an ample amount of vegan options (around 8 new meals per week). If you opt for a snack, they do offer vegan snacks such as Apricot Macadamia Overnight Oats and Bananas Foster Chia Pudding.

  • Average serving contains 500 to 800 calories

  • Every vegan meal contains at least 8g of protein (To be fair, they have meals as high as 40g of protein, but you’ll have to manually check when selecting your meals)

  • Every vegan meal contains at least 7g of fiber

  • If you order 6 servings across two different meals, you’ll pay as low as $7.99/serving.

How much is Purple Carrot?2019-10-03T16:33:49-08:00

If you order three meals per delivery, and each meal consists of 2 servings, then you’ll be paying $11.99 per serving.

If you order two meals per delivery, and each meal consists of 6 servings, then you’ll be paying $7.99 per serving.

When does Purple Carrot deliver?2019-10-03T15:07:21-08:00

You’re not able to select the day of the week that you’d like to receive your meal, but you will receive a tracking number when the meal is shipped.

Where does Purple Carrot ship to?2019-10-03T15:09:22-08:00

Purple Carrot ships to all states except for Hawaii and Alaska.

Does Purple Carrot charge for shipping?2019-10-03T16:33:07-08:00

Shipping is free of charge.

How to cancel your Purple Carrot subscription?2019-10-03T16:37:24-08:00

If you’re an active customer of Purple Carrot, you may follow this link to cancel your subscription.

Why Are Meal Kits Worth It?

learning new recipes

Learning New Recipes

One of the most difficult parts of being a vegan would be the lack of options. When we first transitioned into a vegan lifestyle, we attempt to find a few meals that are vegan, and we stick to those meals. Eating the same 4-6 meals over and over again isn’t effective in keeping a new vegan on a permanent vegan diet. On top of that, if you stick to only a few different meals, then you are likely lacking in many vitamins and nutrients.

There is always the option of buying a vegan cooking book and finding new recipes, but it doesn’t solve the main issue – sourcing vegan ingredients.

When you select one of the vegan meal kits above, not only do you receive recipe cards that contain step by step instructions to prepare your meal, but you also receive all the vegan ingredients required for the meal.

A few months ago I received the following Pesto Stuffed Pepper meal from Purple Carrot. It was during this meal that I found the Scallion Cashew Cheese from Treeline to be absolutely delicious! I would have never known about this cheese had I never received this meal kit from Purple Carrot.

Spend a few months being subscribed to one of the meal kits above, and I promise you, that after a few months, you’ll have a whole new list of ingredients to include in your grocery shopping, and a dozen new meals to include in your day to day cooking.

Less Spoilage

At face value, it might seem expensive to be spending $11-$13 per serving when it comes to the vast majority of vegan meal delivery services. What many of us forget about is just how much food we throw out per year. In a recent study by the USDA, it was found that the average American wastes 422 grams of food per day, 422 grams equates to just under one pound.

In other words, even though it is cheaper to shop on your own, you are considerably more likely to overestimate the number of ingredients you need, which leads to food spoilage.

When you receive your meal kit from any of the meal delivery companies above, you will find that you receive just enough ingredients to prepare your meal. Once you’re done with your meal, you don’t have to worry about storing any leftover ingredients, thus, minimizing food spoilage.

Less food spoilage = more savings.

vegan nutrition

Better Nutrition

There is an assumption that just because you’re a vegan, everything you’re eating is healthy, and that your body is in the best state – but that’s far from the case. Even as a vegan, it is possible to eat “junk-food”, which would cause weight-gain and a constant phase of being tired.

As a vegan, there are several vitamins that need to be focused on:

  • Protein: As a rule of thumb, if you’re a woman that doesn’t workout regularly, you should be consuming 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight. For example, if you’re 135 pounds, you should be consuming 48.6 grams of protein per day. Eliminating dairy and meat from your daily intake will drastically reduce your daily protein intake, so it’s important to priortize protien-heavy vegan meals.
  • Vitamin B-12: Very common to be a deficiency in fellow vegans, even though this vitamin is responsible for the formation of blood cells, metbolizing protein, maintaining a heathly nervous system.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: These fatty acids are importnat for lowering the risk of heart disease and also reducing the risk of athritis, unfortunately, fish are most rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Vitamin D: This vitamin regulates your mood and also improves your immune system function. Unfortunately, only a select number of products contain Vitamin D, and most of them are dairy, such as milk and yogurt.

It takes quite a bit of meal preparation to make sure that you’re taking adequate levels of the vitamins above. Unless you’re a nutritionist, you’re likely lacking in several of them, and while it’s possible to take supplements to take in your vitamins, it’s best to retrieve them from your meals.

Sun Basket does a fantastic job in making sure that your meals are rich in the vitamins posted above.  To iterate, their meals contain at least 15g of protein, 5g of fiber, and are rich in omege- 3s.

Lastly, meal kits are fantastic for maintaining proper meal portions. Typically, the meals from meal kits contain between 500-800 calories, which is a reasponsible number.  You’ll find that vegan “junk-food” will easily push you above 1,000 calories per meal.

meal kits cheaper than eating out

Cheaper Than Eating Out

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