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Justin Fields


February 04, 2020

Meal kit companies such as Blue Apron love to offer their new customers various discounts for hopping onboard. You might have noticed a coupon code online for $50 off, or $70 off, or maybe even $100 off, but is there a Blue Apron free trial?


It’s not possible to receive free meals from Blue Apron, unless you also buy a few meals at first.

Don’t worry, we’ll explain.

alternatives to blue apron trial

The best way to explain all the different offers available to new Blue Apron customers is with the image above. On the left, we have an image depicting the price of Blue Apron without any discounts. On the right side, we have an image depicting the price of Blue Apron with a discount.

The offer we’re using for the price reduction is the following: $60 off Blue Apron

There are a few things to take notice, for starters, you will typically be paying $9.99 per serving. With the “2-serving” plan, each recipe comes with two servings, which means that the cost per recipe is $20. You can either have 2 recipes shipped to your per week, or 3 recipes shipped to you per week, but do keep in mind, if you elect for only 2 recipes per shipment, you will have to pay $7.99 for shipping.

So again, while there isn’t a free trial, with the discount we linked above, and also here, you will be able to order recipes per $13.33, instead of $20.00. That means that you are paying less than $7.00 per serving!

Overall, on your first order, if you want 3 recipes shipped to you, you will pay $40 for 6 servings (3 recipes x 2 servings), instead of $60 (normal price). Since the offer we linked you to is for $60 off, that means that this offer will be applied for your firstsecond, and third shipment!

There might have been a time when Blue Apron was offering actual free trials, but that time has long gone. Ever since going public, it’s been apparent that they have been struggling in the meal kit industry. Expenses are astronomically high in this industry, so the company has been struggling to become profitable, for that reason, Blue Apron might have reeled in the deals that they can offer to new customers 

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