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Best Cat Food (Soft, High Protein, & Healthiest)

In our previous post about vegan cat food, we discussed how it is highly discouraged to place your cat on a vegan diet. So instead, we’ve compiled a list of the best cat food companies that are soft, high in protein, and most importantly, the healthiest.

On the other hand, if you are a dog owner, and are interested in transitioning your dog to a vegan diet, you may check our list for the best vegan dog foods.

How do you determine good cat food?

There are cat foods out there that wear the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) label. This label means the company showcases more humane and transparent farming practices.

There are several other things to keep in mind though when you are purchasing cat food. There are two important factors to keep in mind:

  • Animal protein sources should be the first ingredient. Preferably the first and second ingredients.
  • The percentage of carbohydrates should preferably be around three percent.

When you are looking at the listed ingredients, the labels don’t normally have the essential nutrients listed in grams. They are instead listed in percentages. This can sometimes get confusing and this pdf includes a conversion chart for figuring out how many grams of each nutrient your cat is getting per meal.

Healthier cat food might be more expensive upfront, but it will save you money in the future when it comes to vet bills. Proper nutrition is important for any animal, and when it comes to food, that is the last thing you should skimp out on.

Below, you will find a list of cat food that is easy for your cat to ingest (soft), high in protein (healthy), and nutritious.

It is also important to know that when you switch to more nutrient-dense foods for your cat, she will not need as much food to become full for the whole day. It doesn’t mean your cat doesn’t like the food you have bought her, she just doesn’t need as much anymore because she isn’t being fed fillers.

There are a few brands that provide the ultimate health for your cat and end up being worth the money in the end. Some of these brands include:

Healthiest Cat Food (High Protein & Soft)

1. NomNomNow

nomnomnow cat food

NomNomNow is one of the few companies that will cook, package and ship fresh food right to your door. That’s right, it’s not dry food and it’s not canned food. It is fresh, soft and high in protein food that contains exactly what your cat needs without any fillers. Their foods are fresh, human-grade meals that are portioned out according to your cat’s needs. Each recipe includes the NomNomNutrient Mix which is a carefully formulated recipe that incorporates all of the essential vitamins and minerals your cat needs in her diet.

Dr. Justin Shmalberg is an expert in veterinary nutrition and a developer of the NomNomNow recipes. His core philosophy is:

“The best medicine for pets is preventative medicine.”

There is a chicken recipe and a fish recipe.

The chicken recipe has

  • 56% of calories (163 grams) derived from protein
  • 34% (42 grams) from fat
  • 10% (21 grams) from carbohydrates

The fish recipe has:

  • 50% (141 grams) of protein
  • 45% (51 grams) of fat
  • 5% (22 grams) of carbs

The moisture content per meal is 73% and only around 33 calories per ounce.

The company even offers meal plans that will save you money if you buy a month’s worth of food at once. There is also a discount for multiple pet homes. When you buy a months’ worth at a time it is suggested that you freeze all but five meals, keeping those five meals in the refrigerator. This means you will be rotating meals out every few days.

As if this company couldn’t be more accommodating, they also have what is called a microbiome kit. This kit is shipped to your house for free. All you must do is take a sample of your cat’s feces and send it back to the NomNomNow lab. There, the sample is tested to figure out the health of your cat’s gut.

Once all of the necessary information is gathered, the team will create a recipe specifically formulated for your cat’s needs. Your cat will receive her custom freshly cooked food in the mail within a few weeks of submission. This company strives to ensure that your cat is receiving optimal nutrition at a reasonable price.

This food will run you about $19.00 per week while the leading canned cat food runs you around $21.00 per week. Not only is your cat receiving fresh food that looks like something you could eat for dinner, but they are even beating the prices of their competition. Keep in mind, the heavier your cat, the more food needs to be shipped, so the higher the price.

We suggest taking a look at our NomNomNom review, where we had our dog try the food!


  • Meal customization offered that other brands don’t offer
  • Simple and quality ingredients
  • Pre-portioned before delivery
  • Exceeds AAFCO quality standards


  • Can be pricey
  • Should have adequate fridge/freezer space for many meals
  • Can only be purchased online

2. Tiki Cat Food

tiki pet cat food

Tiki is made in American and has self-described award-winning human-grade canning plants. Their facilities meet international standards for human food production, which is huge for a cat food company. This is a company that prides itself on its ingredients.

The first five ingredients in their canned food are genuine animal meat sources.

An example of one of their recipes:

  • Chicken broth
  • Chicken
  • Chicken liver
  • Chicken gizzard
  • Chicken heart
  • Beef

They are also described as grain-free. Many companies wear this label and still have a percentage of carbohydrates in their recipes, but Tiki is one of the few companies that sells a completely carb-free chicken recipe. Their tuna recipe is low in carbs as well, containing only 10%. That being said, the fat and fiber percentages are lower than normal. This isn’t necessarily a good thing. Cats get most of their energy from the fat in their diet.

This is why it is recommended you feed your cat three cans a day. 

Another positive point for this company though is the fact that their canned food is labeled with 81% moisture content. You can ensure your cat will get all the hydration she needs after three cans of this per day.

The other ingredients in the recipes provide essential nutrients for strong teeth and bones, healthy joints, healthy skin and coat, weight management and a stronger immune system.

Tiki’s dry food option is higher in protein, fat, and fiber, but lower in moisture content (10%).

Their product list is stacked with all the healthiest options for your cat. From kitten food to seniors, and everything in between. There are multiple canned food options so your cat will never get bored of the flavor. The Tiki Cat Tummy Topper is a perfect addition to your feline’s diet if she is prone to digestive issues. Simply add this to her dish and the puree of pumpkin and wheatgrass will help regulate her digestion even further.

Overall, this is a great company for dry or wet food, as well as treats. Their prices run you about 19 to 20 dollars per week if you are feeding your cat three cans a dayhis makes their pricing competitive with other premium cat food companies. Not to mention their website is extremely helpful and easy to use. They offer tips on their blog like how to safely transition your cat from their old diet over to Tiki.


  • Rich in animal-sourced protein
  • No or low in carbohydrates
  • Free of fillers and artificial preservatives
  • Reasonably priced
  • Relies on plant-sourced fat


  • Relatively low fiber and fat content
  • May require supplements of fiber

3. Young Again

young again pet food

This company was the first to produce a 50% meat-based protein, grain-free formula with zero plant proteins and only 6% carbohydrates. They are also the first to have gluten-free food options. Young Again was introduced to the market in 1990 and since then they have only grown and learned more.

They work with independent vets and nutritionists to continue to make the best recipes. This is a company that makes dry kibble cat food so it does not contain as much moisture as the NomNomNow brand. However, adding a little water to the food bowl softens up the kibbles for your cat so she can better digest it and helps with hydration as well.

Young Again never uses fillers so their foods last longer than most other premium cat foods. They only recommend feeding your cat a ¼ cup every 24 hours.

They also state that their proprietary compounds contain molecules that make up the structural units of DNA. In return, these becoming the building blocks for cell repair and building new cells in the body. Allowing your cat to feel younger even as she gets older.

Young Again does offer a Carnivore RAW supplement. You can buy it with or without calcium. This is supposed to be a complete mix that provides quality nutrition for your cats. You must supply salmon oil, water and a choice of meat. Then you will mix this with the Carnivore RAW supplement mix.

It is important to consider though, that many cats may not accept the idea of eating raw, and they must be accustomed to a raw diet beforehand.


  • Quality meats used
  • Significantly more protein than average food
  • Extremely low carb count
  • Quality dry food option


  • Only 10% moisture
  • Low in fiber
  • Contains guar gum