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Would You Buy an Electric Car With Leather Seats?

riding a cow I have many different sites in my RSS feed. I noticed an article today on USAToday.com’s website. The title of the article is “Will vegans drive Nissan Leafs with leather seats?”

Apparently, Nissan is offering leather seats as an option on their  electric car, the Nissan Leaf. So the article is asking if vegans will buy a car that has vegan seats as an option. So that means that you can choose to have non-leather (presumably cloth) seats on your Leaf. You don’t have to have leather seats in your car.

I think the resounding answer would be yes. I would still buy an electric car, but I would opt for the cloth seats over the leather seats. Just because the car manufacturer is offering leather seats as an option, doesn’t mean that you need to disregard their vehicle as an option. They (and all other car manufnissan leaf acturers) offer leather seats on all of their other models. I don’t think it would make sense to protest Nissan under the guise that they are presumably tainting the “greenness” of the Leaf by offering leather seats.

This just feels like the media looking to drum up controversy where there really isn’t any.  Am I wrong here? Do you think that the mere fact that Nissan is offering leather seats as an option on their electric car would stop you from purchasing said car?

This reminds me of an article I wrote a long time ago. The article was titled Vegangelicism — You’re Not Good Enough For My Vegan Club. Basically, vegans need to acknowledge that the world has a lot of cruelty in it and that you can’t change the world all at once. 8 million people aren’t going to stop eating meat all together just because you suggest that they not do that. But if you can bring some awareness to them about the cruelties, you might get them to ease back some. Let’s say that you convinced people not to eat meat one day each week, every week of the year. That would be a 14.3% decrease in the consumption of meat. Logically, that probably means that, eventually, 14.3% fewer cows, chickens, and pigs would need to be slaughtered.

So just because the car manufacturer is offering leather seats on a car that would otherwise help out the environment, the newspaper is trying to create controversy as to whether this would stop people who are vegans from buying the car. Maybe I’m wrong here. Maybe a lot of people would not buy this product. Maybe there are people who would not buy Silk soy milk because Silk’s parent company Dean Foods sells dairy products. (Personally, I think you should make your own soymilk, but I digress….) Maybe they wouldn’t buy non-leather shoes from a shoe manufacturer who also makes leather shoes. I know there are people who are vegan who will not eat in restaurants where they serve meat.

OK, so am I wrong here? Will vegans drive Nissan Leafs with leather seats? Leave a comment below indicating if Nissan’s decision to offer elather seats on their electric car would hinder you, or in any way adversely impact you, from buying such this car.