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Jane and I were talking about the demographics of vegans the other day.  When we go out to eat here in the Los Angeles area, we're always a bit surprized at the number of males in the restaurants we frequent.  It's not that men can't be vegan, but we seem to know many more women who are veg*n. Poking around the internet I found the following facts on veganism and thought I'd share them with you all.

Vegan demographics
Most likely to be female and under 35.

Gender: Vegans UK Vegans USA Vegans
Male 33% 36% 22%
Female 67% 64% 78%
Age: Vegans UK Vegans USA Vegans
16-24 21% 14% 36%
25-34 40% 39% 44%
35-44 25% 32% 11%
45-54 10% 11% 7%
55+ 4% 4% 2%

Why vegan?
87% of people are vegan for ethical/moral reasons.

Vegans UK Vegans USA Vegans
Dietary/health 11% 9% 19%
Ethical/moral 87% 90% 77%
Spiritual/religious 2% 1% 4%

When did you become vegan?
78% of vegans went vegan between the ages of 16 and 34, with 52% between the ages of 16 and 24. The average (mean) age for turning vegan is 24.1, although the most frequent ages are 19, 20 and 21. US vegans generally turned vegan younger (mean age 22.4) than UK vegans (mean age 24.9).

Vegans UK Vegans USA Vegans
<15 10% 7% 17%
16-24 52% 51% 52%
25-34 26% 29% 21%
35-44 8% 9% 6%
45-54 3% 3% 3%
55+ 1% 1% 1%

Source:  The Vegan Profile


  1. So my theory that the vegan male is an elusive creature is backed up with facts…

    Looks like I’m so average – female, under 35, vegan for ethical/moral reasons and became vegan between the ages of 16-34 (29 to be exact).

  2. Prior to the advent of modern “farming” practices (factory farms, etc. which I don’t consider farming at all), I’d be willing to bet that most vegans were that way for mostly religious or dietary needs, not moral or ethical issues. It’s kind of interesting to see the difference 100 years or so will make to the mind set of people.

  3. Hi Kate,
    Don’t despair… Jane made a vegan out of me. Perhaps you’ll do the same with your future spouse?

    Hi Voracious,
    We thought it was rather interesting too.

    Hi Christina,
    Yes, I’m sure climate change and environmentalism will become more important motivations over the next few decades.

    Hi vegangirl,
    Sorry, the Vegan Project didn’t have any data on vegetarians, but wikipedia has a bunch of data that might be of interest to you.

  4. hi from a vegan living in japan, (australian)
    im a guy ,25 years. (the elusive creature)
    just felt like browsing vegan demographics on google since i am the only vegan i know in japan. what is the world’s vegan/vegetarian population do you know any numbers? Japan is very low but I heard 3 000 000 vegan/veg in the UK and 10 000 000 in the US.
    I read a cool book that you might want to read too-john robbins-the food revolution

  5. Hi vernon,
    Thanks for the book recommendation. We’ve actually read it and Diet for a New America. Very informative!
    I don’t have any statistics on global veganism, or specifically Japan. However, googling around, I did find the following two sites, which seem to have info on vegan restaurants in Japan. Hope that helps.
    Japan Wiki; and
    Japan Times, old article with list of restaurants.
    You might also want to search for vegan meetups in your area… where you can find like minded people!

  6. Hello,

    My name is Joe, I am 31 years old and my wife and I are both vegans. We are in the minority as we have become vegans primarily for health reasons. We are both athletes and enjoy working out. During my transition to veganism I lost a lot of bodyfat, and actually gained muscle mass. So much for the skinny weak vegan myth.

    All the best everyone!!!!


  7. Where can I get demographics for vegans and vegetarians?
    I’m doing a business plan project for my business class and I need supporting info.

  8. Vegan male here. We are by no means in the majority, but that does not mean that we do not exist. The most important thing to help your partner, especially if your partner is a heterosexual male, become Vegan is to help him over the hurdles of unnecessary negativity that are male chauvinism and strict-social guidelines. Common phrases levied against him will be a bevy of insults aimed at his gender, masculinity, and orientation. I’m already an atheist, a communist, and two-year vegetarian. So this wasn’t a severe transition, but the man that chooses this lifestyle will be essentially labeled a “gender traitor” and attacked viciously.

  9. I’m really disappointed by these stats … 2% of the US vegans (which I believe is less then 2% of the population) are in the over 55 crowd? So, if my math is right, 2 out of every 10,000 over 55er’s are vegan …

    I tried many times during my 40’s to become Vegan (for health/longevity reasons), but it didn’t stick. Now in my early 50’s, I’m hopeful that I’ve finally made the transition. We’re going to be looking for a second/retirement home (55 and over community) soon, likely in Florida, and I was hoping to find something Vegan-Friendly. Now I understand why I’m having so much trouble.

  10. Thanks very much for this information, which fits my experience on Instagram.
    I guess I’m an outlier, at age 72 and male. Been vegan for about 5 months, since being asked to consult on a research project designed to reduced animal testing through alternative methods. Within 2 weeks, I went vegetarian; how could I try to save rats and mice, while eating cattle, sheep, pigs, and poultry? Then I watched Cowspiracy, and went vegan, which within no time helped my prostate health – I can watch a movie or eat dinner without having to pee half-way through (my wife noticed before I did). That was enough evidence for me, and I am become more vegan every day.
    Kevin aka FitOldDog aka The Plant-Based Vet

  11. Hi MJWarren

    Thanks for your comment. It has been difficult to get any details on race. Perhaps I should send out a survey to the web and see if I can’t get a sense of who the vegans are out there… Maybe I’ll include a few questions, perhaps I’ll include race

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