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Impossible Meat hits the Supermarkets & Plant-based options at Bareburger grow

Happy Monday! It’s the start of Autumn, my favorite season. Here are a few plant-based options making the news this morning. A friend told me that he walked into his local Gelson’s — an upscale Southern California supermarket — and he was overwhelmed by the Impossible Burger promotions. The most interesting thing about it was that Gelson’s placed a limit on order size. No one was permitted to buy more than ten packages of the plant-based meat. I guess they were expecting a huge turnout and wanted to make sure than everyone who wanted a package would be able to secure one.

Elsewhere, Quorn has partnered with a UK-based pastry manufacturer to create a new vegan pastry. And Bareburger has increased the number of plant-based options on their menu, so much so that there are no as many non-meat options as their are meat options.

A taste of Quorn Wall – Pastry giant Ginsters has teamed up with meatless brand Quorn to launch its second vegan pastry. The plant-based product, priced at £1.80, contains potato, onion, swede, and marinated Quorn pieces, and will hit the shelves in UK supermarkets next week.

Limit Order – The Impossible Burger joined Beyond Meat in the supermarkets this past weekend. Gelson’s Markets had a big promotion, but placed a limit of ten packages. Other than restaurants, who I would assume get better pricing, who is buying these ten at a time?

Bare Necessities – The founder of Bareburger, Euripides Pelekanos, knows that America loves their burgers, but we’re also becoming more conscientious about our food. So he’s created a healthier comfort food chain that sources sustainable ingredients, and goes above and beyond for special diet needs. Each location prints any allergy concerns right on your ticket, and they have recently updated their menu to be half vegan. They’re the only restaurant chain that serves both Beyond Meat and Impossible vegan burgers. According to Euripides, Impossible outsells Beyond Meat by a 3-to-1 ratio. But keep in mind that the Impossible burger contains GMOs.