Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen says Eat Less Meat. IKEA does too

It’s really great to see that Ellen DeGeneres is telling her 78 million followers to eat less meat, or maybe even eat no meat at all. Hopefully some of her followers will listen. It’s not just Ellen, IKEA is trying to convert people from meat eaters to plant-based eaters. Any interest in putting the liquid from your can of garbanzo beans to work instead of tossing it down the drain? A Denmark-based company can show you how.
Enjoy the weekend.

Ellen says Eat Less Meat

Converting Carnivores – IKEA has a mission with their new meatballs

Cheese It – Denmark-based start-up CheeseItYourself has developed a vegan powder mix that blends with aquafaba (the liquid from garbanzo beans) to make plant-based cheese. Mix contains all the key components to transform aquafaba into a homemade vegan cheese. It offers a nutritious alternative to already commercialized vegan cheeses with 15g of protein per 100g of product and a high content in Vitamin B12. Its long-shelf life allows you to decide when do you want to use it and its versatility allows you to create your own recipes by adding your favorite spices or herbs to our base formulation. In terms of sustainability, its production has a 60% lower carbon footprint than whole cheese production. Avoiding the use of plastic, it is packaged in ecological, biodegradable paper bags.

Getting certified – Albertsons Cos. has become the first grocer to introduce private-brand Certified Plant Based foods in collaboration with the Plant Based Foods Association.

Roll with the times – 233-Year-old British brand Wall’s Pastry—which was established in 1786—recently entered the plant-based industry for the first time with the launch of vegan sausage rolls in snack and “jumbo” formats.