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Note to our readership:  There have been numerous comments on this article indicating illnesses that people have encountered after consuming this product.   We, ourselves, did not experience this issue, and it seems that the problem does not affect everyone.  The Vega company has indicated that these issues were related to products from 2011... However, since people have continued to comment regarding their personal issues after consuming this product, we (in good conscience) cannot recommend these products. 

UPDATE: 1/05/14: In November 2013, Vega issued a press release indicating that they were to voluntary recall several lots of a few of their products.

In the press release they indicated that the recall was a "...precautionary measure of voluntarily withdrawing a limited quantity of its Vega One Nutritional Shakes and Sports Performance Protein products due to finding trace amounts of chloramphenicol (CAP), a naturally occurring antibiotic..."

You can find additional information about the recall and the specific lots that are affected in our article entitled: Vega Issues Voluntary Withdrawal of Vega One Nutritional Shakes and Vega Sport Performance Protein Product

UPDATE: 9/11/13 - Here's an update that we received directly from the team at Vega:

If you have any questions or concerns with any of our product, please contact us directly. This actual post displays our older Vega Sport branding and is from 2011. We are happy to help anyone who has any questions, so please contact us!


As an alternative, here are five other vegan protein powders:

Recently we had the opportunity to try some of the Vega line of products. Specifically, we tried the Whole Food Health Optimizer, the Whole Food Smoothie Infusion, and the Antioxidant EFA (essential fatty acid) Oil Blend.

VegaSportProteinXLThe Whole Food Smoothie Infusion is a high quality protein powder that also provides fiber and Omega 3 EFAs.  I added it to my morning shake, in place of the protein powder I usually use.  It had a pleasant taste and the added benefit of the fiber and EFAs which I wasn't getting in the hemp powder I've been using.  So, as soon as I finish my stash, this is my new protein powder.

vega-whold-food-infusionThe Whole Food Smoothie Infusion is a great product to take on the road with you.  All you need to do is add water and you have a vegan meal replacement.  Personally, I thought they were a bit on the sweet side, but Jane loved them.  She especially liked the chai flavor blended with ice to make a nice summer concoction.  You can also add the smoothie infusion to the fruit based smoothie of your choice.  They also provide you with a few recipes.

The Antioxidant EFA Oil blend makes a good salad dressing.  We found it to have a slightly nutty taste which is a nice change from the extra virgin olive oil Jane usually uses.

Overall, we feel these are high quality products that are a welcome addition to our pantry.


  1. My husband and I used Vega One French Vanilla Protein Powder. He had no reaction, but 3 hours after my smoothie I had major Nasuea, cramping and vomiting. It has now been 5 hours and still sick. The Diarreah has not started, yet! I used almost a full scoop. No reaction for hubby and sick as a dog for me?? I will give it another try with a small amount. Just really bummed, because I thought I’d found an awesome product.

  2. I have been wondering how everyone has been doing with this. I purchased the 15 oz Chai flavor. Like some of the others, 1.5 hours later I got violently ill, so much so that I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital because it presented like a possible female heart attack. $9k and several hours later I was sent home with suppositories for the vomiting. Thinking it may have been a fluke or possibly the two hands full of spinach I put in it I tried it once more at half serving. Same 1.5 hours, same outcome. This time I still had more prescription suppositories so took one, laid down for three hours and shakily went back to work. I haven’t opened the 30oz French Vanilla but I would like to try it again. I dunno

  3. As an addition to the above – I had tried mini single serving and 5 serving packets of it before – no issues at all.

  4. why do you have stevia in it? it tastes disgusting. It also said NO SUGAR added. Only reason I bought it. Now I don’t know what to do with such a big box of it. Please skip Stevia.

  5. I had Vega protein/greens today 1 scoop, about an hour later I was violently vomiting, nausea, weak, shaky, tight upset stomach which lasted about 2 hrs. I still feel sick it’s been about 9hrs.
    My wife seems to drink it no problem though… ???? Maybe i was detoxing? Or maybe vitamin mineral overdose?
    Allergic reaction?
    Not sure why my body hates that stuff but im sure I’ll never use vega again… Sunwarrior all the way!!!

  6. Used Vega One, lot 1534101B, twice. Both times I experienced severe nausea and diarhhea. I consumed more the first time, my reaction was violent and included marked vomiting. Both times the drink was made with a cup of product but I only drank about a 1/4 of it. For me, the adverse reaction started within 2-3 hours of the first sip. My wife has been using this same product and lot number with no negative responses. Vega One needs to get to the bottom of this. My reaction was severe enough to take the product off the market. Nausea lasted 6-9 hours for me. It was severe enough that if I had not recovered I wound have sought medical help. I am concerned about someone else taking the full standard dose with my level of sensitivity.

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