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  • Lane
  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009
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    Note to our readership:  There have been numerous comments on this article indicating illnesses that people have encountered after consuming this product.   We, ourselves, did not experience this issue, and it seems that the problem does not affect everyone.  The Vega company has indicated that these issues were related to products from 2011... However, since people have continued to comment regarding their personal issues after consuming this product, we (in good conscience) cannot recommend these products. 

    UPDATE: 1/05/14: In November 2013, Vega issued a press release indicating that they were to voluntary recall several lots of a few of their products.

    In the press release they indicated that the recall was a "...precautionary measure of voluntarily withdrawing a limited quantity of its Vega One Nutritional Shakes and Sports Performance Protein products due to finding trace amounts of chloramphenicol (CAP), a naturally occurring antibiotic..."

    You can find additional information about the recall and the specific lots that are affected in our article entitled: Vega Issues Voluntary Withdrawal of Vega One Nutritional Shakes and Vega Sport Performance Protein Product

    UPDATE: 9/11/13 - Here's an update that we received directly from the team at Vega:

    If you have any questions or concerns with any of our product, please contact us directly. This actual post displays our older Vega Sport branding and is from 2011. We are happy to help anyone who has any questions, so please contact us!


    As an alternative, here are five other vegan protein powders:

    BrandPlanet FusionGarden of LifeSunwarriorLifetimeNutribiotic
    FeatureContains 3.4g of L-glutamine
    Is low in fat and has only 4g of carbs per serving
    Contains 21-22g of protein to support lean body mass
    Provides raw organic sprouted protein and live probiotics and enzymes
    Excellent source of protein
    Good for those on low carbohydrate diets
    Good for those with gastrointestinal sensitivities to milk, whey, soy and other protein sources
    Supports digestive health and function with live probiotics and protein-digesting enzymes
    Gluten free soy free dairy free hypo allergenic non GMO
    Easy-to-digest, energy-boosting protein
    Rich in omega 3-6-9 essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
    A balanced, complete source of vegan protein
    Does not contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives
    Gluten Free
    Wheat Free
    Rating4.2 out of 5 stars4.0 out of 5 stars4.1 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars3.6 out of 5 stars
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    Product prices and availability are accurate as of Feb 3 21:06:32 UTC but are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

    Recently we had the opportunity to try some of the Vega line of products. Specifically, we tried the Whole Food Health Optimizer, the Whole Food Smoothie Infusion, and the Antioxidant EFA (essential fatty acid) Oil Blend.

    VegaSportProteinXLThe Whole Food Smoothie Infusion is a high quality protein powder that also provides fiber and Omega 3 EFAs.  I added it to my morning shake, in place of the protein powder I usually use.  It had a pleasant taste and the added benefit of the fiber and EFAs which I wasn't getting in the hemp powder I've been using.  So, as soon as I finish my stash, this is my new protein powder.

    vega-whold-food-infusionThe Whole Food Smoothie Infusion is a great product to take on the road with you.  All you need to do is add water and you have a vegan meal replacement.  Personally, I thought they were a bit on the sweet side, but Jane loved them.  She especially liked the chai flavor blended with ice to make a nice summer concoction.  You can also add the smoothie infusion to the fruit based smoothie of your choice.  They also provide you with a few recipes.

    The Antioxidant EFA Oil blend makes a good salad dressing.  We found it to have a slightly nutty taste which is a nice change from the extra virgin olive oil Jane usually uses.

    Overall, we feel these are high quality products that are a welcome addition to our pantry.

    200 thoughts on “Vega Product Review

    1. I’m sure what to believe with all these bad experiences people are reporting about this product. No one here has had a positive experience? I’m tried it about 5 times and feel nothing negative. The product ingredients seem to just be nothing but healthy stuff, which is why I bought it. However, I’m curious if anyone has tried anything else out there there could be a good alternative to Vega, because I certainly don’t want to continue drinking it if somewhere down the road I puke myself to death.

    2. I recently started using Vega One (within the last month). It wasn’t until these last 2 days that I noticed a lot of horrible smelling gas and bloating. With as many complaints as I’ve read about, I am very surprised they aren’t reformulating this product. Has anyone experienced the same issues with the sports performance as they have with the all-in-one?

    3. I just yesterday tried Vega One for the first time. A few hours later I experienced the same gastrointestinal upset and heard my stomach gurgling for the whole day. Certainly not something I want to experience on a daily basis. I’m not sure what is in the product that is causing this. I’ve tried many other brands and this never happened. Guess I will have to find another shake.

    4. It makes me very angry, the lack if accountability on Vega’s part.
      I too, have been using the powder daily for 5 months. This past week I mixed my morning shake and took it on the go. Something didn’t taste right (I actually only drank half…thank God) even though I prepared it the same way as hundreds of times before.
      Two and a half hours later I was violently ill!!!!! I can assure anyone that it was not “detoxing” symptoms or something else I ate. I eat a very clean, repetitive diet.
      I will be returning all of my Vega products!!! And I buy them all!! It’s not worth the risk. I can’t even fathom what would have happened if I’d drank the whole thing. I’d have called an ambulance for sure. I almost did as is.

    5. A few months ago I purchased 2 single serving packets at Whole Foods. I drank them and liked the flavor and had no problems. I decided recently to purchase two large canisters ( over a hundred dollars) but this time I have had the worst most painful intestinal cramping from gas. Yesterday I tried using only half a scoop and still I was in such pain at work I didn’t know if I was going to make it. Seriously. I just don’t know what to think. I wish I had read about these issues before spending so much money. Normally I eat pretty sensibly so I would never have expected this kind of reaction.

    6. This is very scary because the only reason I am aware of this is because I recently decided to stop eating meat. I remembered I had this product when I happened to see a link for Vega products on a vegan website. I wasn’t even looking for this information. I drank this shake twice. The first time I added coconut oil and a few kale leaves. I have a sensitive stomach but this went beyond normal stomach upset and caused severe pain and gas/bloating. It was awful. I thought the kale and the fact my stomach was totally empty was the problem so go tried it again with just almond milk and the same thing happened. I have read some peoples take on chloramphenicol and they say, “it’s just an antibiotic, how bad can it be?” Well I purposefully avoid antiobiotics in all of its forms and disguises. I don’t eat meat or use dairy products containing them and I don’t run to my MD every time I have the sniffles to get some Amoxicillen. I’m hyper conscious about what I consume. Why in the world would I have cause to believe there were antibiotics in a VEGAN PROTIEN POWDER? People who purchase items like this are typically health conscious individuals to some degree. They demand a higher quality in the foods they put in their bodies and they pay a higher price for it as well. Does this company only spend the money to test the components of their products after someone consumes them and becomes extremely ill? That hardly seems like a responsible practice for a company in the health food business. The recall list still says at the bottom that these products are safe to consume!? Despite the promise of using another enzyme distributor, I will never buy products from this company again. I wouldn’t need reassurance from this company had they done their research into the components of their products prior to selling them to me. Very dissappointing and frustrating.

    7. Wow…can’t believe the comments here! I have not gotten violently ill–yet–and don’t plan on it so I will be tossing the remaining 10 serving bag I bought and returning the remaining unopened products I just purchased yesterday at my local food coop. Does explain the bloating, gas and extra “elimination” (sorry) I have experienced this past week though. Luckily nothing worse. And I switched to Vega One because I’m transitioning to a plant-based diet and it was recommended over other protein powders that contain metal pieces. I guess you can’t trust any of these big corporations. I am very disappointed the company has not taken its customers seriously since 2009 when this thread began. Wow.

    8. I recently tried using the Vega smoothie, Bodacious Berry that had an expiry of 2015. I have had it 3 times now and all three times I have ended up with horrible smelling gas and diahrea as well as this last time vomiting! I am happy to see I am not the only one who has experienced this! I am going to try to return this product as clearly I cannot drink it.

    9. I tried Vega one nutritional shake 3 weeks ago,,It saved my life,,,doctor has been running all kinds of tests to find out why food is giving me migraines,,was losing alot of weight too fast,,,went into a health food store and the nutrtionist there said it sounds like Leaky gut* so I said I would try it,,2 weeks ago I was starving to death and today Im eating bananas,cookies and steaks,,,thank god I went into that health food store,,I too heard the gurgling in my intestines and attribited that too vega one repairing the flora in my intestines,,the gurgling isnt happening so often now and I have had no ill effects,,I endorse this product 100 %

    10. I bought vega french vanilla and vanilla chai shake and tried them each two days in a row. Glad to say no problems…Yet. But after reading these I won’t be trying anymore buying their products again. Too bad , they did sound like the perfect drink….to good to be true.

    11. I bought the single serving packets last year and never had a problem with them so I decided to buy the Vanilla canister. I used it several times (didn’t expire until 2015) and the last 2 times I used it I became violently ill within hours. I didn’t recognize that it was the powder the first time since it was around the same time my office had the stomach virus barreling through but made the connection when I became sick just the other day from using it again. I had not used it since the first time I got sick and thought it was just a fluke. Not sure what’s in it that can make people sick but I was sick for almost 6 hours. It states that if you start out using a whole scoop you may experience bloating, gas, etc but there’s something not right when you are violently vomiting for hours on end. I even had cold sweats and my muscles were twitching. I still use the Vega Sport because I’ve never had any problems with the performance powder (aside from the price).

    12. I used to use Vega brand protein without any problems. About two months ago, I made myself a shake and within an hour I was vomiting & had diarrhoea for 5 or so hours! I thought maybe it was coincidence, but just tried out their protein again and found myself in the same situation today!! This time, it was made for me at a shop here in town that uses vega products. I decided to dig a little to see if others experienced the same and it led me to your page. I can’t even begin to explain how awful I feel. This started around 2pm. It’s almost 10 pm now and it’s finally been a full hour since I’ve scraped myself off the bathroom floor! Will NEVER be using Vega brand protein or any of their products again!

    13. I am really disappointed to find all this scary stuff re. Vega One, which I use if I don’t “make my nutritional numbers” for the day via food.
      There have been a few occasions during the two years that I’ve been using this product when I had a gut issue, but the concern I had, and called the company about, was the fact that the formula includes calcium and iron, with the latter known to block calcium and the former known to block absorption of other nutrients. The products person to whom I spoke brushed off my question by saying those things were not an issue because Vega is made from whole foods and not chemicals. I’m also now wondering where the product is made and from whence comes its ingredients. I usually ask that question, but forgot. Although the person who answered my other question didn’t sound really knowledgeable, any way. I’m returning my recently purchased large container of chocolate Vega One, and the company has some quality assurance work to do before regaining my business.

    14. I am so relieved to find that it isn’t just me. I have tried samples of the Vega brand before and so purchased a bag of their protein smoothie (chocolate flavor). I mixed it just as the package said with water and it tasted pretty good! I was pleased because a lot of other protein powders (normally I use whey) taste pretty awful to me. Within a couple of hours I was feeling very ill. Stomach cramps, nausea and shivers. This came on all of a sudden. I thought I was just coming down with something or that maybe it was the new pea protein that my body didn’t like. Regardless, within another hour I was vomiting violently. It is now 12 hours since I comsumed it and although the vomiting has stopped my stomach is still very sore and distended. I will be returning the product and demanding my money back. No more Vega for me! Health food? Pah!

    15. I’m always surprised to see bad reactions. Personally I LOVE everything I’ve tried from Vega. I’ve taken the Vega One smoothie on and off over the years (whenever I’ve remembered to buy/drink it), and just recently got back into taking it consistently.
      The first time taking it this time around, I had a full serving (should’ve known better, I’ve been eating crappy food lately), and I ended up with a stomach ache. But the next day I took less and it was gentler, and took a few days to work up to a full serving again. Now I drink it every morning as a breakfast replacement. I drink it slowly rather than chug it, and mix it with coconut milk and cold water. I also take their chlorella tablets (3-4 over the course of the day), and between the two I feel fantastic! About an hour after my smoothie I get a huge boost of energy and feel amazing! I was literally bouncing and dancing around my apartment this morning while cleaning. Plus a little kick of energy after every chorella tablet. Now if I skip my smoothie, my day just seems off. I’m sorry for everyone who has had problems with it, but personally I adore it.

      To anyone considering trying it, start out small! Try only a little bit, and drink it slowly. Also, let it sit for a bit before drinking, it starts out a little “gritty” after mixing, but smooths right out after a few minutes.

    16. I have been drinking vega one vanilla shake for the past 4 days. I have mixed it with water some days and almond milk others. Ive also tried half scoops and full scops. But each day I have had server stomach pain with diariah. And today I got the cold sweats and vomiting on top of those other symptoms. I havent felt this bad sense I had food poisoning. And its not due to detoxification, as I have maintained a vegan diet for over a month. I will be returning this product and never ussing any of their products again.

    17. I’ve been taking Vega since I was a teenager. At first I was going to the bathroom more (assuming all the fiber and greens) but it went away after a week. I love this stuff!

    18. I just started using Vega One (coming from Herbal Life). I do experience gas, but no cramps or pains. I think people forget to or, don’t realize that adjusting to a plant based diet from meat or meat and plants is going to change the body and how it processes.

      Even if you went with an all green diet or raw veggies, you’ll notice an increase in gas. Even if you introduced more raw veggies into your diet, you’d experience more gas.

      Veggies are a lot easier to process than meat and junk food. Of course it’s going to “run” through your system.

    19. I recently started seeing a nutritionist. I never knew much about whole foods or eating the right foods. Anyway, she suggested I use a plant based protien powder in my smoothies. She suggested Vega One. So I bought a tub of it.

      I got diarrhea/gassy on my first use but I didn’t connect it. But it happened the second time as well and happened to my wife. I decided to look it up online and found this site. I hear that they had some recalls but this is very recent (August 2014) so it can’t be that. But I haven’t gotten sick. I have a pretty strong stomach and it usually takes a lot for me to throw up. But it hasn’t been pleasant, that’s for sure.

    20. Wow, didn’t realize people were gettinh sick until I did reseach because I got sick both times I drank Vega Viva VAnilla Protein Smoothie. Each time, I got sick to my stomach and felt light headed. I’m taking the product back to Whole Foods for a refund. I’m so disappointed, I have used other products by Vega that I enjoyed and didn’t get sick.

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    22. Terrifying! But not my experience at all. My husband and I started using Vega One chocolate shake powder a little less than a year ago. We were doing a cleanse at the time, but now the cleanse is over and we’re still making our morning shakes. It’s the only powder I have found that doesn’t have a weird aftertaste. I’ve never experienced any of the symptoms listed here… but what I am reading is definitely cause for concern! Yikes!

    23. Looks like I am also a Vega victim. Two weeks ago I drank a Vega Vanilla protein “shake”. Within a few hours I became violently ill with vomiting and diarrhea for hours. I assumed that I had a stomach virus.

      Tonight I drank another shake with the same exact results. I found this a little coincidental so I started searching the internet and found this page. I will never drink it again!

    24. This evening two hours before I went to bed, I made a VegaOne French Vanilla shake with almond milk and almond butter, ice. I am up at 1:50 am in total intestinal pain that feels like someone set fire to my stomach lining. I wish I could vomit. I am at home with my two little ones and my husband is out of town. I just hope that I am not on my way to the ER as stated by several other people here. I am currently trying to flush it all out with water in hope that it doesn’t get worse.

    25. Interesting comments. I have been using Vega all-in-one powders for about 4 months now, almost daily, 2 scoops mixed with almond milk and definitely have NOT had intestinal distress every day. However, every now and then (maybe once or twice a week) I do get bloating/gas and maybe twide a month have had liquid diarrhea (no other symptoms, no flu, no illness). Never any vomiting, but that is very unusual for me anyway. I can’t say if it is or is not the Vega; if it is a contributing factor it is weird it doesn’t happen more often. I buy the large tubs, so I think the ingredients I’m ingesting are consistent from drink to drink which makes me think I don’t have an allergy to anything but perhaps just the higher fibre and other factors are related?

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    27. A word to new comers to the Vega supplement – Vega is packed with many nutrients, high fibre conent and ingredients that help your body cleanse itself of toxins. This cleansing process can sometimes lead to discomfort in your digestive system (think gas, bloating and even diarrhea – If you want to be sure to minimize it, start with 1/4 to 1/2 of a full scoop for your fist week and gradually move up to a full scoop – these symptoms should not last longer than a week. A surefire way to ensure that you minimize this problem is to eat a whole food diet in the first place – that way your body has less toxins to eliminate. I myself didn’t experience any discomfort; however, my pizza/hamburger loving friend did. Try eat a large zucchin, if it’s not common in your diet the same thing will happen (gas, bloating and even diarrhea

    28. My daughter has twice now had a violent reaction the the Vega Protein Powder…Are we sure this is Gluten, Dairy, Soy free? Or could it be spoiled? Same symptoms…violent vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal pain, bloat, shaky, cold sweats, pain. My husband and daughter threw the huge bottle away, before I had a chance to return it to Whole Foods.

    29. I’ve had two (two!) separate instances where I found wads of paper in my Vega protein smoothies….I’m never buying their products, ever again.

    30. Here is what I just wrote to Vega: “Hi there,
      I just purchased your vanilla shake powder today from save on foods in Ricmond, BC, Canada. I had one serving at 4 pm and an hour later felt extreme nausea and then starting vomiting. It was very painful and didn’t stop for hours. Could there have been a recall on the jar I bought? Or is this an allergic reaction? The reason I think the illness is due to the vega powder is because the last time I consumed it, I felt nausea but didn’t vomit. I had thought it was a coincidence and wasn’t convinced it was the vega powder. I am now certain that was it.
      I figured you’d know more about this and might be able to help shed some light. I’ll be visiting a doctor tomorrow to make sure I haven’t got food poisoning.

      Hope I get a quick response and a refund. Also hope I can eat something soon, I’m starving and still feel terrible. It’s now 10:30 pm. I had the stupid powder at 4 pm.

    31. So , I too am a Vega victim, back in the fall I started trying a healthier lifestyle in general, I bought a tub and mixed it with almond milk, I drank it for about a month. Yes, I started slowly, yes I found myself having bloating, gas, extra forceful eliminations. Nothing I couldn’t handle and I figured of course it makes sense making a change to my diet. Then I started feeling great!! I ran out bought another tub. First shake I made from the new tub, I got horribly violently ill a couple hours after drinking, gastro pain, cramps, violent vomiting then the worst diarrhea and shivers chills and a fever of 102.5. I figured it must be a bug. Since, my stomach was so raw from the illness, I laid off the rich shake for about a week. a week later, I made another shake, same thing only WORSE. Since I had drank it for a month with only the “typical issues” associated with such a rich shake, I figured it was a fluke. Laid off it for a bit then yesterday, getting back to my gym routine after being hit or miss during the holidays I figured let me add my shake back in too. Yesterday, I ate was a banana and my shake, I got so ill by lunchtime I had to leave work. I was violently vomiting bile, I turned splotchy red, shaking fever of 102.9, BEYOND diarrhea just shear liquid (sorry for the graphic) I was so dizzy I almost passed out, I came really close to calling 911. This has lasted for hours, I thought it passed and it started back up in the middle of the night a bit, chills and all so I had to take another day off work. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO ILL IN MY LIFE!!! Yet, my husband and I, we eat similar diets and he has had no issues what so ever. So I don’t know what to make of it but three times it sure seems like the shake and like some of us have an allergy to something in this shake. This is WAY beyond my body getting use to a health product. BTW – I NEVER post comments.

    32. At the local Nesters, there was a Vega representative present whom recommended the pre-workout powder as I am training for my first half-marathon. I’ve used the Vega Sustain powder with no GI issues, so tried the Pre-Workout Energizer this morning. I finished the dose (as recommended on the label) 20 minutes before my workout in small sips over about 15 minutes and drove to the trails. I had to drive back to make it to the washroom! I’m recovering… close to the bathroom.
      After more research, this product contains Yerba Mate, which I already know helps with concentration. However, what Vega doesn’t state is that Mate is also used as a LAXATIVE! Definitely going to miss my workout today. Pretty frustrated. Guess I can use the time to go back to the Rep for a refund.
      Thank you everyone for sharing.
      – Squamish, British Columbia

    33. I used vega protein in the past as a regular post workout drink for months without issue. Then one day after a long run I had some and within two hours got violently ill-chills, cramps, vomiting even when there was nothing left and diarrhea. I thought maybe I had dehydration sickness because I couldn’t imagine it was the powder that caused me no problems in the past. But then a few weeks later I had the same experience. I threw out the rest of my powder thinking it had gone bad, and picked up a new container yesterday. Then this morning- tada! Same results. I am currently bundled up in a blanket on the bathroom floor waiting for the next wave. The only solace I can offer if you have this issue is try taking activated charcoal; I did so last time and it helped the symptoms pass within an hour. I’m actually quite relieved that a google search turned up so many other people with this experience as I thought it was just me!

    34. Wow I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. I use Vega products on a daily basis, and have never had any negative effects. I love Vega. I’m really curious as to what’s causing these bad reactions though. Even traces of an antibiotic, although inexcusable, shouldn’t be causing such severe illness. I thought Vega had corrected this issue anyway?

      Just one thing that comes to mind looking at the ingredients…the amount of sodium is very low compared to potassium and magnesium. I’m looking at a container of all-in-one nutritional shake. Especially for those taking this before or after a long workout, could this be the problem? I too eat a very clean unprocessed diet, and no mainstream sports drinks, and sometimes have to remind myself to add a pinch of salt to my salads and smoothies. When I use Vega in the summer months, I will often add salt. I know this seems like a long shot, being that so many people are experiencing the same thing.

      Or– how might the vitamins and minerals in Vega’s products reacting with any other products or multivitamins you’re taking? Could some people be experiencing overdoses of iron for instance? Also, maca root causes stomach cramping in some people, and there’s a good bit of in in the Vega shake.

      I hope that someone figures this out and Vega gets it corrected.

    35. I started using Vega about 3 months ago. I started with the Protein smoothie and used that for more than 2 months before I tried anything else from Vega. I was so excited to find this product! I’ve been on low carb for a few months and it satisfied my evening sweet tooth, plus I could have a shake in the morning. It tastes fantastic! A couple of weeks ago there was a sale on the Protein and Greens at HEB so I bought that. I also bought a magnesium/calcium supplement with vitamin D3 at the same time. I started using both the same day. After a couple of days I started to get really bad diarrhea. (Horrifically smelly and explosive, sorry for details, but people need to know) By day three I was in so much pain I could hardly stand it. I was close to having my hubby take me to the ER I was in so much pain. I was not sure what caused it either. I couldn’t see that Vega caused my issue at first because I’d been using the smoothie for so long with no problems. Looking back at what was new to my morning routine, I stopped both Vega and the supplement. This were the only two things I’d added. Within 2 days of stopping both I was back to normal, but I thought (hoped) maybe it was a coincidence and I actually had a bug. After a few days, I tried both again and immediately went back to bathroom issues, pain and nausea. I stopped again for a few days. This time I only did the Protein and Greens this morning. I have not had any of the cal/mag supplement. Im in major pain again with nausea. I’m not going to take any of the products. I’m afraid to. What is causing this?! What’s in this product that could make me feel like I am literally dying? I will be retuning all of it, and sending this to their email.

    36. I am so glad I found this website/feedback. I echo everything that people are saying about the gas/bloating/sweats, etc. I thought I was losing my mind…thinking I had some type of cancer. I just went to a GI doctor because for the last 6 months I’ve been using Vega and did not make the connection that this “healthy” powder could possibly be the root of my problems. I am going to stop immediately And will hope that this cures me! Wow!

    37. I think the problem might be the sacha inchi seeds.

      I have had two separate major reactions to VEGA products. The first, their sacha inchi seeds, the second, their all-in-one nutritional shake (french vanilla). I’ve volunteered at a yoga studio that sells many of their products and have sampled most of their energy bars. My first reaction was after eating a large bag of sacha inchi seeds – yes, it was gluttonous (and mighty delicious!). I woke up in the middle of the night with severe intestinal pain and began vomiting violently (all of the blood vessels in my face burst from the force, kind of like of a speckled sun-burn). I was vomiting so forcefully and regularly that my boyfriend took me to emergency at the hospital. Nothing was found to be wrong. I assumed I had come into contact with fiesty sweat-loving e-coli-like bugs at the yoga studio.

      I continued to eat their energy bars, which do have sacha inch seeds, and experienced mild nausea which in time, disappeared (tummy discomfort was ignored in favour of yumminess).

      I later bought the all-in-one protein powder, eased into it slowly (as the label directs), drank plenty of water every time, and experienced nausea which dissipated over time. Fast forward to today, I haven’t consumed the product in a while and made myself a simple shake today and became very ill (nausea, diarrhea, would likely have thrown up had I not induced sleep).

      This sounds to me like the symptoms of an allergic reaction to sacha inchi. With small, repeated exposure the body adapts but when reintroduced after a period of absence the reaction reoccurs forcefully.

      Sacha inchi seeds are a specialty item we are not likely to eat unless we seek them out, or consume through Vega products. Perhaps, it is the seed itself, or something they’ve been in contact with from the soil and specific growing conditions….

    38. Boy am I glad I did a search after experiencing what I did the other day. Our local Sprouts market in San Ramon, Ca had a clearance sale on some of their supplements. The all in one vega meal and the vega sport protein where marked down over half price so I thought I was getting the deal of a life time. I went home and tried the vega sport, just one scoop. It was on an empty stomach. About 45 min after taking my heart rate shot up and I broke into a cold sweat. I did NOT feel good and I really had to fight the feeling of panic that was trying to over take me. I went to bathroom and threw multiple times. Thankfully I it had not been in my system long enough to fully take effect as the vomiting helped eliminate most of it from my system. It took another hour to have my heart rate come back down and my body to calm down from the shock. This product is definitely dangerous. After reading so many bad experiences from honest people who wanted the vega products to work for them, I am surprised after this many years Vega doesn’t take out the ingredients that can cause such horrible side effects. It just doesn’t make sense. If they don’t change their ways, they are really exposing themselves legally. These types of reactions really could kill someone, especially if that person is not in good health. People who are sick or with compromised health are likely to try Vega because they would think it’s good for them. I’m going back to tomorrow to Sprouts to return, I do not want to experience that again.

    39. Same experience with Vega viva vanilla protein and the French vanilla all in one. The first time was a few months ago and I thought it might have just been a fluke bug. Tried it again this morning (new package)and same nausea, then major dry heaving followed by very violent vomiting and lingering stomach cramps. Going to return it to Whole Foods. I am surprised that with all of the reviews here similar to mine that they are still allowed to sell this poison.

    40. I tried the Vega One French Vanilla with Chia the first time this morning. Within 30 minutes, I was violently ill! I had severe diarrhea and violent vomiting. So violent that I cannot speak at the moment. My throat feels swollen so I toke a Benadryl just in case. This product is dangerous; I have no doubt! After all traces of the shake were gone, I felt better. I will never use this product again.

    41. I have been using Vega One for over four years now and have never had a problem or gotten sick. I drink the chocolate flavor every day in my smoothie, along with kale, young coconut meat, 1 date, flax milk, spirulina, and chlorella. I am also a vegan of 22 years and mostly raw. I’m curious if the people posting about getting sick follow a clean, vegan, whole foods diet or do you eat meat/dairy and/or processed foods? If you are eating meat/dairy/processed foods, my guess would be that your body is not used to the ingredients in these products. Also, there are probiotics in the One protein powder, which can definitely cause gas and/or nausea of you are not used to them. If you have food leftover in your intestines from eating meat/dairy/processed foods the night before, I could see how this would make you ill and induce vomiting.

    42. Hi would you mind letting me know which web host you’re using?
      I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different internet browsers and I must say thhis blog loads a lot quicker then most.

      Can you recommend a god web hosting provider at a fair price?
      Thanks, I appreciate it!

    43. I spent more than $60 and was excited to use Vega One in my smoothies. I have never had so much bloating, gas and abdominal cramps in my life like I did after using thia product. And I used only 1 tablespoon! I’m returning it today.

    44. Jane and I were in Costco yesterday and I saw Vega One products. I suggested to her, “should we give it a another try?” She emphatically said “No!” it was so long ago when we tried it; we didn’t get sick, we just didn’t really care for the taste.

    45. It took me 3 Vegansports berry shakes and explosive vomiting to pin down it came from the shake. Then I found out the product had expired. I suggest people affected may be dealing with prematurely expired powder. On my last shake, since I was suspicious, I only dropped half the quantity, 35 ml. I vomited for over an hour. This stuff is nasty nasty when expired.

    46. I too would like to report my bad experience with Vega plant based protein powder. At the very least, maybe others will not want to test it for themselves. I never report problems I have with products but this time seems very worthwhile since it made me me very ill two times now. Needless to say, I will never drink this stuff again and will never buy it again.

      On 4/14/15, I purchased Vega plant based protein powder from the Costco on Palomar Airport Road, Carlsbad, CA.

      I consumed maybe 8 servings since that time and the last two times have given me the same adverse reactions. On 5/12/15 and again 5/21/15. About 3 hours after drinking it, my stomach starts cramping and it is soon followed by about 2 hours of vomiting and diarrhea. Very unpleasant. The first time it happened I chalked it up to something else I ate, but then it happened again last night, and this Vega product is the only variable across both experiences that makes sense. And to have the same exact experience both times, I am convinced it is the Vega product because I have almost never gotten food poisoning. In fact I can’t even remember the last time I vomited until now.

      Beware of this product!

    47. Vega Protein shakes have also made me violently ill. I tried it for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and thought it might have been a stomach flu, or some off milk, I really didn’t think it was the shakes. Within an hour of ingesting, I had violent projectile vomiting, and my body wouldn’t stop until I was throwing up the bitter ends of stomach acid. Then came the diarrhea, ugh. It lasted about 6 hours. I wasn’t convinced that it was the powder, so I just tried a tiny bit yesterday, just a teaspoon of the powder to see. I got really drowsy, fell asleep, less than an hour later, exact same symptoms, and no less severe because I ingested less product. I’ve never been poisoned, but I can imagine it felt a lot like that.
      It might not cause a reaction like this is all people, but these comments have convinced me that it is enough to take it off the market. Also, this powder was not expired, it was a brand new package.

    48. I ordered a bunch of individual packets, but unfortunately am returning them all. I tried half of the protein powder packet added to a bottle of water. I got 1/4 of the way through and started not feeling well. I knew people who swore by Vega so I didn’t think twice before I tried. After reading reviews I immediately stopped drinking, poured it out, and started the return process to send everything else back. No way am I risking getting horribly sick. I’m guessing while some people might be having detox reactions, there are also others who are likely sensitive to something in the product. I eat a mostly vegetarian/vegan diet that is fairly high-fiber, and I’ve taken a vegan probiotic before in a decently high dose. I’ve also had detox symptoms before, but these are *not* them.

      Again, I didn’t get horribly ill from it like some people, but I also didn’t give it much of a chance to get me there. The way I felt was enough to stop me in my tracks after just a little bit!

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