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Note to our readership:  There have been numerous comments on this article indicating illnesses that people have encountered after consuming this product.   We, ourselves, did not experience this issue, and it seems that the problem does not affect everyone.  The Vega company has indicated that these issues were related to products from 2011... However, since people have continued to comment regarding their personal issues after consuming this product, we (in good conscience) cannot recommend these products. 

UPDATE: 1/05/14: In November 2013, Vega issued a press release indicating that they were to voluntary recall several lots of a few of their products.

In the press release they indicated that the recall was a "...precautionary measure of voluntarily withdrawing a limited quantity of its Vega One Nutritional Shakes and Sports Performance Protein products due to finding trace amounts of chloramphenicol (CAP), a naturally occurring antibiotic..."

You can find additional information about the recall and the specific lots that are affected in our article entitled: Vega Issues Voluntary Withdrawal of Vega One Nutritional Shakes and Vega Sport Performance Protein Product

UPDATE: 9/11/13 - Here's an update that we received directly from the team at Vega:

If you have any questions or concerns with any of our product, please contact us directly. This actual post displays our older Vega Sport branding and is from 2011. We are happy to help anyone who has any questions, so please contact us!


As an alternative, here are five other vegan protein powders:

BrandPlanet FusionGarden of LifeSunwarriorLifetimeNutribiotic
FeatureContains 3.4g of L-glutamine
Is low in fat and has only 4g of carbs per serving
Contains 21-22g of protein to support lean body mass
Provides raw organic sprouted protein and live probiotics and enzymes
Excellent source of protein
Good for those on low carbohydrate diets
Good for those with gastrointestinal sensitivities to milk, whey, soy and other protein sources
Supports digestive health and function with live probiotics and protein-digesting enzymes
Gluten free soy free dairy free hypo allergenic non GMO
Easy-to-digest, energy-boosting protein
Rich in omega 3-6-9 essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
A balanced, complete source of vegan protein
Does not contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives
Gluten Free
Wheat Free
Rating4.2 out of 5 stars4.0 out of 5 stars4.1 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars3.6 out of 5 stars
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
LinkMore InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore Info

Product prices and availability are accurate as of Feb 3 21:06:32 UTC but are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Recently we had the opportunity to try some of the Vega line of products. Specifically, we tried the Whole Food Health Optimizer, the Whole Food Smoothie Infusion, and the Antioxidant EFA (essential fatty acid) Oil Blend.

VegaSportProteinXLThe Whole Food Smoothie Infusion is a high quality protein powder that also provides fiber and Omega 3 EFAs.  I added it to my morning shake, in place of the protein powder I usually use.  It had a pleasant taste and the added benefit of the fiber and EFAs which I wasn't getting in the hemp powder I've been using.  So, as soon as I finish my stash, this is my new protein powder.

vega-whold-food-infusionThe Whole Food Smoothie Infusion is a great product to take on the road with you.  All you need to do is add water and you have a vegan meal replacement.  Personally, I thought they were a bit on the sweet side, but Jane loved them.  She especially liked the chai flavor blended with ice to make a nice summer concoction.  You can also add the smoothie infusion to the fruit based smoothie of your choice.  They also provide you with a few recipes.

The Antioxidant EFA Oil blend makes a good salad dressing.  We found it to have a slightly nutty taste which is a nice change from the extra virgin olive oil Jane usually uses.

Overall, we feel these are high quality products that are a welcome addition to our pantry.

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  1. I’m sure what to believe with all these bad experiences people are reporting about this product. No one here has had a positive experience? I’m tried it about 5 times and feel nothing negative. The product ingredients seem to just be nothing but healthy stuff, which is why I bought it. However, I’m curious if anyone has tried anything else out there there could be a good alternative to Vega, because I certainly don’t want to continue drinking it if somewhere down the road I puke myself to death.

  2. I recently started using Vega One (within the last month). It wasn’t until these last 2 days that I noticed a lot of horrible smelling gas and bloating. With as many complaints as I’ve read about, I am very surprised they aren’t reformulating this product. Has anyone experienced the same issues with the sports performance as they have with the all-in-one?

  3. I just yesterday tried Vega One for the first time. A few hours later I experienced the same gastrointestinal upset and heard my stomach gurgling for the whole day. Certainly not something I want to experience on a daily basis. I’m not sure what is in the product that is causing this. I’ve tried many other brands and this never happened. Guess I will have to find another shake.

  4. It makes me very angry, the lack if accountability on Vega’s part.
    I too, have been using the powder daily for 5 months. This past week I mixed my morning shake and took it on the go. Something didn’t taste right (I actually only drank half…thank God) even though I prepared it the same way as hundreds of times before.
    Two and a half hours later I was violently ill!!!!! I can assure anyone that it was not “detoxing” symptoms or something else I ate. I eat a very clean, repetitive diet.
    I will be returning all of my Vega products!!! And I buy them all!! It’s not worth the risk. I can’t even fathom what would have happened if I’d drank the whole thing. I’d have called an ambulance for sure. I almost did as is.

  5. Jacqueline Paré says:

    A few months ago I purchased 2 single serving packets at Whole Foods. I drank them and liked the flavor and had no problems. I decided recently to purchase two large canisters ( over a hundred dollars) but this time I have had the worst most painful intestinal cramping from gas. Yesterday I tried using only half a scoop and still I was in such pain at work I didn’t know if I was going to make it. Seriously. I just don’t know what to think. I wish I had read about these issues before spending so much money. Normally I eat pretty sensibly so I would never have expected this kind of reaction.

  6. This is very scary because the only reason I am aware of this is because I recently decided to stop eating meat. I remembered I had this product when I happened to see a link for Vega products on a vegan website. I wasn’t even looking for this information. I drank this shake twice. The first time I added coconut oil and a few kale leaves. I have a sensitive stomach but this went beyond normal stomach upset and caused severe pain and gas/bloating. It was awful. I thought the kale and the fact my stomach was totally empty was the problem so go tried it again with just almond milk and the same thing happened. I have read some peoples take on chloramphenicol and they say, “it’s just an antibiotic, how bad can it be?” Well I purposefully avoid antiobiotics in all of its forms and disguises. I don’t eat meat or use dairy products containing them and I don’t run to my MD every time I have the sniffles to get some Amoxicillen. I’m hyper conscious about what I consume. Why in the world would I have cause to believe there were antibiotics in a VEGAN PROTIEN POWDER? People who purchase items like this are typically health conscious individuals to some degree. They demand a higher quality in the foods they put in their bodies and they pay a higher price for it as well. Does this company only spend the money to test the components of their products after someone consumes them and becomes extremely ill? That hardly seems like a responsible practice for a company in the health food business. The recall list still says at the bottom that these products are safe to consume!? Despite the promise of using another enzyme distributor, I will never buy products from this company again. I wouldn’t need reassurance from this company had they done their research into the components of their products prior to selling them to me. Very dissappointing and frustrating.

  7. Wow…can’t believe the comments here! I have not gotten violently ill–yet–and don’t plan on it so I will be tossing the remaining 10 serving bag I bought and returning the remaining unopened products I just purchased yesterday at my local food coop. Does explain the bloating, gas and extra “elimination” (sorry) I have experienced this past week though. Luckily nothing worse. And I switched to Vega One because I’m transitioning to a plant-based diet and it was recommended over other protein powders that contain metal pieces. I guess you can’t trust any of these big corporations. I am very disappointed the company has not taken its customers seriously since 2009 when this thread began. Wow.

  8. I recently tried using the Vega smoothie, Bodacious Berry that had an expiry of 2015. I have had it 3 times now and all three times I have ended up with horrible smelling gas and diahrea as well as this last time vomiting! I am happy to see I am not the only one who has experienced this! I am going to try to return this product as clearly I cannot drink it.

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