This Plant-Based Burger Smells, Tastes, and Bleeds Like the Real Thing
The Impossible Burger requires just 5 percent of the land needed for meat from a cow, produces 12.5 percent of the greenhouse gases, and uses only one-quarter of the water.

What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Eating Meat, Dairy & Eggs
The first few weeks of a vegan diet can vary significantly, based on their medical conditions and genetic predispositions. “But in general, within a couple weeks of eating a healthy whole-food, plant-based diet, it would be typical that people may enjoy improved insulin sensitivity (their insulin works better)… and their cholesterol levels may decline,” Dr. Campbell tells Bustle. “Anecdotally, some people describe improved bowel movements, improved sleep, energy, and skin quality. All of that happens within days to a couple weeks.”

Cambridge academic reveals why she turned vegan after researching shocking history of pork
Every vegan seems to have their own lightbulb moment when something clicked and they stopped eating animal products.


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