We started Vegan Bits back in mid 2007, our site and our community grew faster than we could have imagined. We appreciate and welcome all of you, and your comments. There are a several ways to follow Vegan Bits:

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  • Hi Adam,

    Welcome new subscriber! Thanks for the nice comments. I have been a subscriber of your excellent, informative site.


  • I’m new to veganism and still in the process of conversion. Your site is encouraging, honest and refreshing. I just wanted to say thank you for this.

  • Hi Heather,
    Good luck in your transition to veganism. We hope our site will be of value to you as you move forward (and thanks for the kind words).

  • I just found your site and I love it! It’s nice to see a blog about veganism that isn’t necessarily focused around what you ate for dinner that night. Great info, great website!

  • Hi Chelsea,
    Thank you for the nice comment, although we do talk about what we ate for dinner too. :) Just not all that often.

  • there’s nothing wrong with that!! my blog is mostly about our meals in’s just nice that you have articles and “bits” of info, if you will :)

  • Great blog, wonderful to find so many vegan places online!
    If you ever feel like blogging about VeganForce that would be lovely :)

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