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This page contains vegan resources that we have found helpful.

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Nutritional Information
Recipe Sites
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General Information:

  • I Can’t Believe It’s Vegan — A list of mainstream foods that are vegan and easily found in most grocery stores compiled by PETA. It’s by no means comprehensive, but these are things that won’t have “Vegan” stamped anywhere on the packaging.
  • 101 Sites For Healthy Vegan Eating
  • — This site will tell you if your booze is vegan.
  • Vegan Wine Guide — Provides a list of vegan wines.
  • Epicurious offers an interactive Peak-Season Map. Click on your state to see what’s in season.
  • Farmers Market Database. You can plug in your city and find the farmers markets in your area.
  • Animal By-Products and Their Alternatives — A list of the more common animal by-products you’ll find, as compiled by PETA.

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Nutritional Information:

  • The New Four Food Groups — A reworking of the USDA’s basic four food groups as defined by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
  • A Vegan Food Pyramid which has the familiar pyramid graphic with a vegan focus. It also has defines each section of the pyramid which explain what a serving is and “important comments” relative to each segment of the pyramid.
  • Also at the PCRM site is a very good FAQ about Vegetarian Diets which discusses, among other things, vegan diets and athletic performance, cooking without eggs, and sources of B12, calcium and protein.
  • Beyond Vegetarianism — This website offers the alternative view, why vegan vegetarian diets might not work. The site is currently being updated.
  • Vegan Health — An offshoot of Vegan Outreach, this site provides comprehensive and very informative nutritional information specifically as it relates to vegans.
  • Vegetarian Resource Group — This website touches on many important vegan issues. References include nutrition, ingredient information, and recipes. It doesn’t appear to have been updated recently, however, much of this information is still valid.
  • Vegetarians In Paradise — An online magazine that provides information on nutrition, cooking, and a book review (refer to the VegParadise Bookshelf under directories not the Vegetarian Book Review). There is also a segment on vegetarian food companies. And if you live in the Los Angeles vicinity, there’s a resource guide including farmer’s market information and restaurant reviews.

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Recipe Sites:

  • 101 Cookbooks (vegan) — One of the more beautiful food blogs out there, and Heidi has compiled a vegan recipe section.
  • Fat Free Vegan — The name says it all, except that a number of these recipes are truly delicious.
  • Have Cake Will Travel —  Loads of delicious recipes here.
  • VegCookingBlog — Sponsored by Peta, a source of easy, good tasting recipes.
  • Vegalicious — A compendium of vegan recipes. Indices include an ingredient index and a meal index.
  • Vegetarian Times — offers an index of their vegan recipes (simply click on “vegan” in the category section).

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Restaurant Review Sites:

  • Our posts on restaurants we’ve visited, mostly in the vicinity of Los Angeles, CA.
  • Happy Cows -Lists restaurants that are vegan / vegetarian around the globe
  • Super Vegan — A vegan restaurant guide for NYC. (We especially like their “how vegan they are” category!) They also offer a vegan web directory for those of us outside of New York.
  • Urban Spoon – Has listings of restaurants in a few select cities across the US and Canada. You can also search vegan or vegetarian by going to your city and then putting the term you’d like in the search bar. Shows restaurants on google maps.
  • Vegetarian Guide — This site has reviews of vegan/vegetarian friendly restaurants around the world. They specify whether the restaurant is vegan or vegetarian friendly, and allow registered users to comment.

Los Angeles Restaurant Review Blogs

  • To Live and Eat in LA is one of our favorite resources to use when we are looking for a new restaurant to try in the Los Angeles area.  She gets out way more than we do, and we generally agree with her assessments.
  • Quarrygirl also writes up reviews on many vegan restaurants in the Los Angeles area.

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Chain / Fast Food:

  • Vegan Eating Out — What you can eat at fast food and chain restaurants, as compiled by
  • Vegetarian Fare at Chain Restaurants — as compiled by
  • Johnny Rockets Ingredient List — Their Streamliner Burger is vegan.
  • McDonald’s Ingredient List
  • Taco Bell Ingredient Statement — A comprehensive list of all the ingredients in each of their menu items, including sauces. (PDF File)

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Other Sites We Like:

  • Vegan Alltop — An easy way to get your daily dose of vegan info without clogging up your reader!  They also aggregate information on any topic you can think of; okay, maybe not everything, but many things.
  • Vegan-LA — a message board for Vegans in Los Angeles.

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