vegan fried egg

Vegan Fried Egg

vegan fried egg

It certainly seems weird to talk about veganism and fried eggs in the same sentence. It’s even weirder when you look at the picture of a fried egg which looks like it comes from a chicken, but it’s completely vegan. But the folks at Be Leaf Vegan have created a vegan fried egg. They say that their vegan fried egg is 100% plant-based replacement. Using only natural ingredients, they indicate that they have created a product that simulates the taste and textured of fried egg for use in your favorite dishes. The ingredient list: Non-GMO soybean protein, Non-GMO soybean skin, pea fiber, pea starch, sunflower seed oil, yeast, salt, brown sugar, paprika extract, carrot extract. (Be Leaf Vegan)

Dr. Martens Vegan Shoes

dr martens vegan shoes

Sales figures at Dr. Martens shot up by a whopping 70 percent aided chiefly by sales of the company’s vegan products.

Sales of the vegan range – which replaces the leather upper with synthetic polyurethane plastic – have increased by “multiple hundreds of percent” in recent years, according to its chief executive, Kenny Wilson. Vegan boots now account for 4% of the shoemaker’s sales, amid increasing awareness of the environmental impact of livestock among consumers. (The Guardian)

The Future is Vegan

smithfield plant based meat

Smithfield Foods is the largest manufacturer of pork products. The company just announced that it is releasing a plant based burger under the company name: Pure Farmland. As PETA says, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”  And apparently, that’s exactly what Smithfield is doing. While some people might frown on the largest pig product company trying to capitalize on the new wave of veganism, I’m happy to see fewer animals being slaughtered. As more people realize that they don’t have to eat animals, they greater the likelihood is that they’ll start eating plant based food instead and few animals will have to die a horrible death. (PETA)