2409, 2019

Disney Adds 400 Plant-based Items To Their Park

It's really amazing that Disney is now going to offer over 400 plant-based items at Disney World. It's a vegan world, after all. CNBC reported that the company announced Tuesday that it is massively expanding its selection of plant-based food items at its U.S.-based parks starting in October. Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, will have more than 400 food items that are free of meat, dairy, eggs or honey starting Oct. 1 at the park’s quick-service restaurants. The table service locations will add new options two days later. CNN has a more detailed reporting on this information.

2309, 2019

Impossible Meat hits the Supermarkets & Plant-based options at Bareburger grow

Happy Monday! It's the start of Autumn, my favorite season. Here are a few plant-based options making the news this morning. A friend told me that he walked into his local Gelson's -- an upscale Southern California supermarket -- and he was overwhelmed by the Impossible Burger promotions. The most

2009, 2019

A better Almond milk, Beyond Meat Gets The Ax, Another Plant-Based Ice-Cream

Happy Friday. There are so many plant-based milk options. There's one from Trader Joe's which may be better than all the rest. I was so excited to hear that Tim Horton's started offering Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches. Not that I live anywhere near a Tim Horton's. Not that I ever

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