Vegan Products at 7-Eleven

Wow, another national chain is offering vegan fare! 7-Eleven has been selling prepared vegan sandwiches in the Philadelphia region. According to the Philadelphia Daily News, the corporation is considering vegan convenience-food products for the entire chain. (Note: I could find no mention of this on the 7-Eleven website.) As Foodeater commented the other day, we vegans are taking over the world. OK, she said we'd be taking over Los Angeles, but you can extrapolate from there...

But this brings me back to my point that going meatless is becoming mainstream. Today you can go into a convenience store and pick up a prepared meatless sandwich, or pop into your local coffee shop and buy a vegan brownie. How exciting is that?! I'm not saying that we should rush out and start eating prepared foods at every meal. We all know eating prepared foods may mean that we're probably consuming preservatives and additives that might not be good for us. Food manufacturers are ultimately out to make money after all. But it certainly makes life a little easier knowing these options are out there.

I hope these products do well in their test markets. I know I'm not the target demographic here. Personally, I don't see myself frequenting 7-Eleven for sandwiches, but I have been on one too many road trips in the recent past where my (questionable) vegan option was potato chips. It would be nice to know I could hop in the car without any forethought -- that if I got hungry along the way, I could pull off at some highway rest stop and actually have a choice of things to eat.

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  1. Next thing you know, they’ll be serving tempeh steaks at Sizzler!

    p.s… I’m a she :)

  2. Now you are… Sorry about that! I guess I was thinking of the movie (to live and die in LA) — the main protagonist is male…

  3. I really really really wanted the name “To Live and dine in L.A” for my my webiste, but it was already taken.

  4. That would have been a great name. Yours is pretty catchy though.
    ToLiveAnDineinLA is currently available (you could be like DirecTV – drop the repetitive consonant).

  5. Clever! It actually reads a little better that way without the extra “d”.

  6. I used to love the Moshe’s branch vegetarian food that they carried in the Philly area. Well, I still do like them but they were merely a fond memory after moving to San Diego. Then I happened across the aforementioned Daily News piece and a smile came across my face.

    It is indeed comforting to know I might find something at the local convenience shop other than trail mix and potato chips though.

  7. Trail mix.. forgot to mention that!
    I haven’t tried the Moshe’s Brand. Interestingly, the creator of Moshe’s Brand isn’t veg*n himself. If it tastes good…

  8. Interesting! And convenient (like convenience stores should be).
    Thanks for the update.


  9. Hi Laurie,
    Clever. ūüėČ

  10. great !! :)
    beats fast food for a late night vegan fix

  11. Hi Jess,

    Yes indeed. However, for me, it’s always a Taco Bell bean burrito, no cheese please.

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