Vegan Brownies

Vegan Brownies

Vegan BrowniesOver the past few months, I've been complaining about the results of Jane's vegan baking efforts. Don't get me wrong... she's been complaining too. Overall, we've come to the conclusion that vegan baked goods just aren't as good as traditional baked goods. And while we miss the olden days of Princess Cake (the most amazing cake -- genoise, marzipan, whipped cream, raspberry filling... mmm, princess cake) and other goodies, we're willing to make this "sacrifice." Well, as of today, that's changed. Jane made the vegan brownie recipe from "The Joy of Vegan Baking" ... and oh my god it's amazing.

These brownies are not too sweet. They don't have that "hmm that's different" taste that many vegan baked goods are subject too. These brownies taste exactly like BROWNIES. They're so good that Jane is making me take the remainder in to work tomorrow because she doesn't trust herself to be around them. And she's already planning to make a second batch to welcome our new neighbors this weekend. Who needs Starbuck's vegan brownies when you can make these at home.


  1. You really don’t think vegan baked goods are as good?? I LOVE THEM. I have the Joy of Vegan Baking cookbook and I adore it. If you haven’t made the zucchini bread, you need to. It is like heaven in a bread pan. Seriously.

  2. Hi Mindy — I figured I’d field this one, since I’m the chef in the house. No, we really aren’t loving the vegan desserts. And it’s not just the things I’m making at home either. There are a few exceptions, but overall the vegan cakes and cookies aren’t winning! I guess we’ve just eaten enough over our lifetimes and have a taste for butter and eggs. To our credit, we haven’t had a non-vegan dessert since we changed our way of eating!
    I will definitely try the zucchini bread, later when we’ve got our own zucchini. I’m working my way thru Joy. So far, we’ve enjoyed the banana nut chox chip muffins and the peanut butter cookies (I’ve been making them with Almond Butter). But these brownies have far surpassed every thing else!

  3. Oooh! I have that book but haven’t really dove into it yet – this is a good push towards trying it out!

    Have you guys tried Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World? I made the best pineapple upside down style cupcakes from that book – delicious!

  4. Wow, I haven’t had the experience of disliking vegan baked desserts. Perhaps I’m just not as discerning. But mostly what I’ve made have been recipes by Dreena Bruton, and even omnis routinely ask for the recipes.

    And I second the recomendation for Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.

  5. Awesome – I got the book for Christmas and have still not tried anything yet, but I may go for these in the near future. I’d tried making vegan brownies from a mix and was terribly disappointed.

    In general though, I think the problem with vegan desserts is there are a lot of bad ones out there ruining it for the amazing ones. I’ll be posting soon about a mint chocolate cake I made that got high marks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Aww, it’s unfortunate you’ve not had much luck with vegan baked goods! There’s a lot of bad ones out there, but there’s some truly AMAZING ones as well! I hope you’ll keep trying things out & if your wife has a history of baking, she should spice things up when possible. When I started baking vegan, I had so-so results, now I formulate my own recipes & I’m perfectly happy!

  7. Xiane – No we haven’t tried V Cupcakes Take Over…. I’m kind of anal that way, I like to try to make a significant dent into a cookbook before moving on to another. Silly, I know, but it comes from having an overabundance of cookbooks.

    Sue – When I move on to the next cookbook, I may have to try one of Dreena Burton’s. Any recipe that gets requested by omni’s is worthy of a trial in this household! Lane and I were talking about why it is that we’re not having the same reaction to vegan desserts as the rest of the community. Perhaps we’re just pickier. We went on a cruise a few years ago and everyone was raving about the food. The only thing we found remarkable was the quantity, the quality was, in our estimation, rather mediocre.

  8. Hi Sharon, Unfortunately that may be true about the less than stellar vegan desserts out there. A long time ago, I read on someone’s blog (and I can’t find it again) that she was vegan, but had to make an exception for sweets, since the vegan desserts weren’t up to par. This blogger called herself a “svegan.” ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, I am looking forward to reading about the mint chocolate cake (one of my favorite flavor combinations)!

    Hi Melisser, I usually try to stick to a recipe the first time I make it, even if something looks a little suspicious. I figure if it made it thru a test kitchen, it probably works. Of course, this isn’t always the case, and I generally make notes about what I think I’d like to try differently the next time around. So far, these brownies are the only amazing vegan dessert we’ve found, but it’s very encouraging to hear everyone else say they’ve found some!

  9. I am so excited to try these. This post gave me the extra push to go out and buy this book. I really wanted to buy it a couple weeks ago, but I stopped when I realized I was already purchasing five vegan cookbooks!
    I’m glad you guys finally found a vegan dessert you can really enjoy!

  10. Hi Lindsey,
    I hope you enjoy them as much as we did. We also really enjoyed the banana nut chocolate chip muffins. Jane has made them about four times since she got this book at Christmas.
    We did not enjoy the apple pecan muffins, we found them to have a metallic aftertaste. Nor did we care for the mexican wedding cookies, which was a huge surprise.
    Sorry to make you buy another vegan cookbook, but the brownies are DEFINITELY worth the cost!

  11. Hi Jennifer,
    They were. Really, we can’t recommend them enough. They’re not overly sweet, and really very moist. I’m trying to get Jane to make another batch soon! (She’s trying to keep us from gaining weight by eating too many.)

  12. Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World is the best cook book I have ever laid my sticky little fingers on! I’ve tried over a dozen of the recipes and the vast majority of those have knocked my socks off! I would recommend this cookbook to anyone looking for amazing vegan treats!

  13. Thanks for posting your vote for best brownie. I bake for a cafe and need to make vegan desserts, so I’ve been looking for a good vegan brownie.

    But, you didn’t post the recipe????

    Could you post it?


  14. Hi Jeff,

    Sorry, I can’t help you out by posting the recipe (copyright issues). It is in “The Joy of Vegan Baking” (links above). There are a number of great recipes in that cookbook. Jane regularly makes the banana nut chocolate chip muffins as well.

    BTW, a year later, that brownie still holds up. Company always loves it.

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