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Justin Fields


January 19, 2020

Shopping – a evil in life. We all love to put on our new shirts, jeans or dresses but we all can agree that our experience inside a store has much to be desired. But even then, is stitch fix a good purchase?

There has always been very obvious pros/cons to shopping for clothes in person or online. When you shop in person, you’re able to try out the clothing, and actually, place your hand on what you’re trying to purchase. On the other hand, when shopping online, you can do it right from your home, you have a larger selection, and most importantly, it’s easier to shop around for the best price on a given item.

Even though in-store purchases offer the great benefit of trying out the clothes first, consumers are aggressively moving online as indicated by this article, where companies such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Macy’s, JC Penny, Guess have been closing stores by the hundreds!

My wife and I, we have little time to shop, but when we do, we are overwhelmed by all the options inside clothing stores, and absolutely loathe the crowded floors and lines. Personally, I simply dislike having to spend so much time in the dressing room trying out different items to make sure they fit.

Lets get into our Stitch Fix review!


Stitch Fix Review

stitch outfits

My wife and I both tried Stitch Fix for several months, so we can give you an opinion on their service from both sides. To begin we will cover the cost for Stitch Fix, how the selection process works, and what you can expect with your order.

How does Stitch Fix work?

  1. Go to (and get $20 off your initial style fee)
  2. You first begin by filling out your Style Quiz, in this questionnaire, you will be informing your personal stylist of your sizes and style. If you’re a lady, you fill out the Women’s Style Profile, and the guys fill out the Men’s Style Profile.
  3. Once you’re done with your Style Profile, you will then select a delivery date for your clothes. You will also be prompted with the option of having recurring shipments.
  4. Wait for your delivery date, and open up that Stitch Fix box! Here’s the fun part, try on all the clothes.
  5. You have three days from receiving your Stitch Fix box to try out all the clothes and inform Stich Fix on which pieces you will keep, and the pieces you plan to send back. Keep in mind that you will always receive a pre-paid shipping bag that you will use to send back the pieces you didn’t care for.

How much does Stitch Fix Cost?

stitch fix cost

It costs $20 to have a stylist curate the perfect Stitch box for you. Using this link, you can sign up as a new customer, and have your first style fee completely waived. Yep! You can try Stitch Fix out completely free!

On average, the clothes that you receive from StitchFix will be between $40-$60. For jeans or bottoms, the range gets pushed a bit higher to $40-$80. With that being said, don’t expect to be receiving top brands in your Fix. Stitch Fix isn’t about receiving top brand clothing at a fraction of the price, but receiving stylish clothing for a reasonable price.

Later in my review, you’ll notice that for the Men’s Fix, the total price of all the items come out to $240.00. If I decide to keep ALL the items in my Fix, then I receive a 25% discount, which takes $60 off the price. In addition to that, if I keep just ONE of the items from my “Fix”, then the Stylist Fee of $20 is deducted from the cost of the item.

Ordering Stitch Fix

The very first thing you have to do as a new customer to Stitch Fix is fill out a style profile. Throughout the profile, you will be asked of your measurements, as well as given options to better give StitchFix an idea as to what sort of styles you’re after.

We’re going to show you how the women’s & men’s profile looks like. Keep in mind, there are about 10 pages to be filled out in the profile.

Women’s style profile:

another outfit example

In the image above, and below, you will find examples of the sort of questions that Stitch Fix will be asking you. Expect to answer about 8-10 questions on specific outfits, as this will help your stylist better understand what you are looking for.

women out fit example

You will even be asked to select your preferred style of jeans, as you will see in the image below:

style of jeans

Let’s briefy move into the men’s style profile:

men outfits

Unlike women, men won’t be shown full outfits, but will be shown individual pieces. Similar to women, the answers that you give here or vital to your stylist best understanding what you like.

Lastly, whether you are ordering a women’s fix or a men’s fix, you will be asked to select how often you would like to receive your fix:

stitch fix calender

Be rest assured, if you ever want to pause or cancel your subscription, it’s incredibly simple!

Is Stitch Fix worth it?

Overall, my wife and I were pleased with our experience with Stitch Fix. It is a fairly inexpensive and innovative way to receive new outfits right to your front door with minimal legwork. The fact that you have a personal stylist that cares about your needs, and is willing to listen to your feedback is a great plus. The entire process, from start to finish is also quite simple and doesn’t require much explanation. At the end of the day, my wife and I were able to expand our wardrobe with new, and affordable pieces that match our styles. If there was one thing that we would complain about is the short time frame you have to try out all the pieces in your fix. You are given only three days to try everything and to “check out”, and if you fail to do so, you would automatically be charged for the whole fix, so please keep this in mind!

So yes, in our opinion, you should try them out!

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