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Veganism is a philosophy and lifestyle that seeks to exclude the use of animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose. — Wikipedia

Vegan Bits is our blog about veganism: what prompted us to “go vegan”; our philosophies and thoughts on what it means to be a vegan today; and nutritional information specifically for vegans. We’ll also present you with product reviews, restaurant reviews, news and events, our travel experiences, and a few of our own recipes. We’ll even write a post now and then about the occasional off-topic thing we feel compelled to share with you, our readers. We strive to present our points of view regarding the vegan lifestyle in a manner that is sometimes humorous, sometime serious, and often informative.

We believe that veganism is the way of the future. It is important for us all, on a personal level, because a vegan diet has been credited with lowering the risks of all kinds of diseases including: colon cancer, heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, prostate cancer, and stroke, just to name a few. It is also important to the continued survival of our species, as environmentally sustainable solutions to feeding our ever-increasing global population can only be achieved if people eat more plant foods and fewer animal products. Further, it is a much more compassionate and humane way of dealing with our fellow inhabitants of this earth.

The information presented herein is the result of insights gained by us through our ongoing research and personal experiences. It is our goal to make this blog pertinent and valuable for everyone, including the seasoned vegan, newcomers to veganism, and to those who are merely curious.

Who are Lane and Jane Wright?

We are the authors of Vegan Bits. We are a happily married 40-something couple residing in Sunny Southern California, USA. We have been vegans since July 7th, 2007. Numerous articles from this blog have been published by noted publications including Fox, Reuters, and USA Today, to name a few.

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