YouTube Vegetarians

Isn’t the internet amazing?  It ‘s something Jane and I often say to each other.  We think of the computer as an adjunct to our brain;  whenever we don’t know something, we consult “the box that knows all.”    From song lyrics, to the date of the first Super Bowl, to the weather in Sydney, it’s all there at the click of a mouse.  We shop online, talk to our friends online, educate ourselves online…  The internet has changed our lives.

Tonight I came across an Associated Press article stating that the U.S. government estimates 1 in 200 children are vegetarian, and that number may be higher for teens.  This estimate is based on a CDC (Center for Disease Control) study on alternative medicine.

Case in point is Nicole Nightingale, 14, of Safety Harbor, Fla. In 2007, Nightingale was on the Internet to read about chicken when she came across a video on YouTube that showed the birds being slaughtered. At the end, viewers were invited to go to the Web site — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.   ~ Associated Press

This certainly points to a rise in vegetarianism.  Isn’t the internet amazing?

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