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Isn't the internet amazing?  It 's something Jane and I often say to each other.  We think of the computer as an adjunct to our brain;  whenever we don't know something, we consult "the box that knows all."    From song lyrics, to the date of the first Super Bowl, to the weather in Sydney, it's all there at the click of a mouse.  We shop online, talk to our friends online, educate ourselves online...  The internet has changed our lives.

Tonight I came across an Associated Press article stating that the U.S. government estimates 1 in 200 children are vegetarian, and that number may be higher for teens.  This estimate is based on a CDC (Center for Disease Control) study on alternative medicine.

Case in point is Nicole Nightingale, 14, of Safety Harbor, Fla. In 2007, Nightingale was on the Internet to read about chicken when she came across a video on YouTube that showed the birds being slaughtered. At the end, viewers were invited to go to the Web site — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.   ~ Associated Press

This certainly points to a rise in vegetarianism.  Isn't the internet amazing?


  1. I think these stats might be on the low side… I’m not anywhere where that I’d consider “progressive” or “open” to expanding veganism – yet the more I interact with parents about it, many are saying this is where their teens “want” to go – It’s the parents that keep these numbers lower than 1 in 200. The next 5 to 10 years ought to prove very interesting in increasing numbers as these kids get out on their own.

    Yes, youtube and the internet have been key in presenting all the many reasons “why vegan”… It “leaflets” for you – so to speak… Not to mention all the great sites with recipes making it that much more appealing and “do-able” 🙂

  2. Hi Bea,
    Jane keeps saying that it feels like we’re at the vanguard of some social change. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next decade. Between the economic crisis, concerns over global warming, and an increased awareness of how we’re treating the other inhabitants of this earth, I’m expecting a noticeable change.

    Hi kara,
    Agreed. It’s difficult to ignore such graphic imagery.

  3. The internet has changed everything in the animal “movement”. And it’s still in its infancy. That “vegan” has become mainstream, I believe, is a direct result of this. I’m in awe…

  4. Hi kim,
    I wouldn’t give the internet all the credit, veganism is gaining ground through a variety of avenues… just look how much publicity Victoria Beckham gave veganism by simply carrying “Skinny Bitch.”
    But I do believe the internet has a huge impact as well.. And that can only be good.

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