World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day is this Saturday, November 1st.  How are you planning on celebrating?  We're having a few friends over (omnivores), and feeding them vegan food.  They are aware that they'll be eating vegan, and are game to try.  Jane hasn't settled on a menu yet.  But I'm sure she'll make something wonderful.

Here are a few links to World Vegan Day Celebrations around the globe:

There are a number of small events going on locally, so make sure to check out your local vegan groups and your papers or internet listings too.

And, sorry we missed it, but the Aussies celebrated early: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide - World Vegan Day.

If you can't find anything scheduled in your neck of the woods, you can do as we're doing and feed a few of your omnivorous friends/family some delicious vegan fare!

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