Whole Foods

  • Lane
  • Tuesday, November 13, 2007
  • Whole Foods, an upscale "healthy" grocery store, opened the doors to its largest Whole Foods Market west of the Rockies here in Pasadena. It's a monstrosity of a building at 76,770 square feet.

    And it's not just a store -- it has a gigantic food court including a Wine and Tapas Loung, a fresh-squeezed Juice bar, a Seafood bar, Asian Food, Italian Food, a MASSAGE LOUNGE (limited hours), Singles events. Not to mention fancy-schmancy cheeses and chocolates.

    Jane and I went on opening day. It was crazy. But, we got this lovely Whole Foods grocery bag for spending over $40. I tried to convince the cashier we should get two since we spent $90, but he wasn't buying that.

    Will we go back? Yes. They have ingredients we have difficulty finding elsewhere. Will we go back any time soon? Probably not. This has been an eagerly anticipated opening and the store is waaaay too crowded for us!

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