Where to vegans get their protein from?

"Where do you get your protein from" This is the first question most vegans are asked. Our friend at bitesizevegan.com presents a video which seeks to answer this question. She presents numerous protein sources for vegan.

"Despite the advertising hype from the meat and dairy industries, humans require an extraordinarily low amount of protein in their diets." - Dr. Douglas Graham


  1. I get that question all the time…where do you get your protein from? AAARRRGGG so tired of hearing it. Your video really breaks it down into a fun and entertaining explanation. The funny thing is that these “I get all my protein from chicken” boneheads who also complain that vegan is expensive have no problem dropping $60.00 on a huge drum of tasteless whey protein powder.

    Great stuff

  2. Hi Dean

    Yes, that’s probably the most common question that any vegan gets. I agree that this video presents this info in a friendly, non-confrontational way. But I can’t take credit for it; it belongs to our friend at bitesizevegan.com…

    Yup, those whey protein powder drums are ENORMOUS, aren’t they…


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