What’s Cooking?

Jane is the head of this household. So with her decision to become vegan, she took on the monumental task of re-learning how to cook. So far, she's doing pretty well. In the month that we've been "doin' the vegan thing" as she calls it, there's only been one "let's not do this again" meal. I don't recall what that was, and she tore up the recipe.

Last night we had Turkish Lentil Stew, a great big green salad, and a hunk of whole wheat french brad from Ralph's. For those not familiar with the store, Ralph's is a Southern California supermarket chain. Yeah, I know.... Ralph, food... not the best of connotations, but the market is close by, good, and surprisingly, stocks a large variety of vegan items.

Because it's just the two of us, we often have the same meal two or more nights in a row. Hey, I'm not cooking, and I'm not complaining! Besides, I often say, when it comes to food, I could be a cat, as I'm willing to eat the same meal over and over and over again.

The Turkish Lentil Stew is from Ann Gentry's Real Food Daily Cookbook. Apparently, the are a couple of Real Food Daily restaurants in and around Los Angeles. The restaurants are our list to try, but they're a little further than we normally travel. However, if the cookbook is any indication, the trip will be well worth it. When we go, I'll let you know our impressions.


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