What Would T-Day Be Without The Turkey?

The Wall Street Journal posits the question, "What would T-day feast be without the fowl?"  To answer this question they performed a taste test with four "faux roasts":

  1. The ubiquitous Tofurky, made by Turtle Islands Food, Inc.
  2. Vegetarian Plus Whole Turkey made by California-based VegeUSA.  (I'm not clear whether they tested the vegan or vegetarian version.)
  3. Celebration Roast, this one is made by the Field Roast Grain Meat Co.
  4. Vegetarian Ham and made by All Vegetarian Inc.

Of all the faux roasts, the Celebration Roast won hands down, it even impressed the meat eaters in the crowd.  We've never tried it.  Neither Jane nor I noticed it on our last foray over at Whole Foods (it's not our regular grocery store, so I don't expect we'll be making a trip there before Thanksgiving), but perhaps we'll find it at our Trader Joe's.  Anyway, if the Field Roast sausages are indicative, this is probably a winner.  Jane adores the Field Roast Sausages.

The Vegetarian Ham was their least favorite.  They also had problems with the Vegetarian Plus Whole Turkey, saying testers recoiled at the odor when the foil was removed after roasting.  Not the best recommendation, eh?

We've got a Tofurky sitting in our refrigerator.  Although I expect if Jane spots the Celebration Roast on our next trip to Trader Joe's this week, it'll be coming home with us.

Hat Tip to  Chow.


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