What are you doing Friday, October 2? Here’s what:


FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement) is deeply into planning the 33rd annual World Day for Farmed Animals (http://dayforanimals.org), an international day of action that typically includes vigils, marches, and demonstrations to honor the suffering and deaths of farmed animals. Last year people in over 95 countries participated — the biggest yet.

Like last year, FARM is encouraging participation in several ways:

Demonstrate: Find an event near you, or organize one. FARM’s grassroots activists around the world meet at slaughterhouses and other animal ag facilities, even a fish farm, to oppose the inherent abuse of animals for food. FARM offers plenty of assistance in planning a demo, and a listing of all events happening worldwide.

Educate: Leafleting is a tried-and-true tactic for exposing people to the ethics of veganism. FARM provides materials to anyone willing to commit to handing out 200 brochures on World Day for Farmed Last year, more than 1700 FARM activists distributed 320,000 leaflets in a single day.

Fast: Since 1978, FARM’s founder Dr. Alex Hershaft has fasted on World Day for Farmed Animals — but he never told anyone about this intensely personal action until last year, when he invited the public to join him. More than 12,000 people, on six continents, did. Those who couldn’t attend a demo, or preferred to observe the occasion privately, felt a great solidarity in joining the #fastagainstslaughter.

Break the Fast: This year, FARM is also encouraging people to gather and celebrate with their communities at “Break the Fast” breakfast meetups Saturday morning, October 3rd, at a local restaurant or a potluck at home.

Share: Here’s where you come in! The impact of all of the public and private actions we take on World Day for Farmed Animals can be magnified when we share. It’s why Kezia and I have helped to promote the event for several years, and we hope you’ll help too by telling your friends and followers. FARM has assembled a small library of images, tweets, and FB posts at the link below.

65 billion farmed land animals are killed for food every year. We’re asking people to join FARM on October 2 — the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, an outspoken advocate of non-violence towards animals — and get involved in whatever way they can.

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