We’re Growing By Leaps And Bounds

I missed it... earlier this year, CNN ran a story about vegans.  On June 11, 2008 CNN proclaimed that an estimated 10 million Americans have gone vegan.  Wow.  That would mean we make up a little over 3% of the total population.  Woo hoo!  We're growing by leaps and bounds.  Jane's been saying that for a while.  It certainly feels that veganism is becoming somewhat more mainstream.  (But we still have a long way to go!)

CNN illustrates the environmental effects of a vegan diet by showing that a 6 ounce steak has 24 times the greenhouse gas emissions than a plate of veggie stir fry.

They also touch on the health benefits of going vegan.

Anyway, below is the YouTube video of the CNN segment, you can watch it yourselves.  It's a little over six minutes.


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