We All Scream for Ice Cream

We had a slew of 100+ days at the end of August, 10 straight! And when it’s that hot out, all thoughts turn to ice cream. OK, maybe not all, but our sweet thoughts do turn to ice cream when it’s that hot out.

Jane and I were relieved to find out the Double Rainbow Very Cherry Chip Soy Cream was vegan goodness. We’d often purchased that in our non-vegan days and enjoyed it. The chocolate chips are dark chocolate and contain no milk products. And it tastes like ice cream.

We bought to So Delicious Chocolate Velvet Frozen Dessert over the weekend and finally got around to trying it last night. This will definitely be a staple in our household. And, best of all, a serving size is half a cup, instead of the usual quarter cup!. It’s not ice cream though, the texture is way different. It’s more like a gelato. But we’ve got no issues with that.

Happy desserting!


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