Vegfest in Seattle This Weekend

When we first went vegan it seemed like the Portland/Seattle region was the vegan version of Mecca. It seemed like a pilgrimage was in order. If we'd been around last week, we might have noticed that Seattle is hosting Vegfest this weekend at the Seattle Center's Exhibition Hall. Vegfest is being sponsored by Vegetarians of Washington. The festival runs this weekend and cost is $7 for admission. They'll have food samples from over 200 vendors. Products will be available for sale including food and books. There will also be speakers and cooking demonstrations from celebrities in the veg*n community. Some of the topics they'll be covering:

  • Nutrition for a healthy heart
  • Distance yourself from diabetes, and
  • Cancer prevention

All topics near and dear to my heart!

According to the Vegfest site, the purpose of the festival is:

Many people recognize the health and other benefits of vegetarian food choices, but they are not sure what to eat, what to buy and how to cook it. This festival provides all the support that people need, and it's fun too. With free health screenings, books and lots of food, there's something for everyone. Thereā€™s even a special kids section where kids can learn about healthy food while having fun, with clowns, face painting and more.

Jane and I still haven't made it to Oregon or Washington. But we have the Frommer's guide to the Pacific Northwest sitting on my nightstand. One day... Maybe even this year! Or perhaps we'll try to attend next year's Vegfest.


  1. Everything okay out there in CA? There hasn’t been a new post in quite a while, and I really miss them. This is one of my favorite blogs. Come back soon!

  2. Hi Becky,
    Thanks for the kind words – it’s always nice to hear that others appreciate what we’re putting out, and that it’s not just random babbling. We took an unanticipated hiatus. Things are okay. We just got caught up in life. But we’re back now.

  3. Hi TofuMom,

    We’re still trying to get together a trip to Oregon / Washington. Other things just keep getting in the way. Glad to hear it was a success.

  4. Darn it! I wish we could go, but Sweden is a bit too far away :/
    We want to visit Seattle someday, when we do, I hope it’s when the Vegfest is! šŸ™‚

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