Vegas Vertical Farm? Maybe not…

Two weeks ago, I posted an article about a new 30 story vertical farm coming to Las Vegas in 2010. It was reported here, on other blogs, and on various news services. But is is true?

James Murray, at Business Green Blog, is now reporting that the story may have been fabricated. In his article, Mr. Murray says that he spoke with parties close to the Vertical Farm designer, and members of the Las Vegas and (Clark) County planners offices. According to Mr. Murray’s report, none of these people were able to substantiate the story.

Is there going to be a 30 story vertical farm in Las Vegas? I don’t know? I certainly hope so. It would be great for Vegans (people who are natives, or citizens, or residents of Las Vegas) and vegans (people who refrain from eating animal products) alike. Regardless, here a couple of links about vertical farming:

  • The Vertical Farm‘s website highlights the idea of vertical farming, and notes recent news stories about the concept. There is no story about a vertical farm coming to Las Vegas on their website.
  • A BBC article which discusses a proposal by scientists at Columbia University of a potential vertical farm in New York City

So maybe the vertical farm in Las Vegas is just one those viral stories that circulates the internet. I hope not. It would be nice to see more vegan options in Sin City. I’m not going to gamble on that.

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