Veganomicon — Smokey Grilled Tempeh and Cheater Baked Beans

2008 02 - VCon Smokey Grilled Tempeh and Cheater Baked BeansJane has Veganomicon on loan from our local library. As I mentioned earlier, it is our practice to borrow a book first, when possible, before buying. This way we only wind up buying those books we really want, and don't over-consume.

Anyway, Veganomicon looks to be a pretty good cookbook. Jane tried her hand at the Smokey Grilled Tempeh and Cheater Baked Beans tonight. The beans were really good. The tempeh was interesting, but neither one of us loved it enough for Jane to consider making it again. The cookbook suggests pairing the two with collard greens. We had steamed snap peas instead, one of our favorites.

We're reserving our comments on the cookbook until we've had a little more experience with it... but there is a lot of positive buzz out there. Many of the recipes we've been interested in trying seem to require between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours to prepare though; not the kind of meal Jane likes to prepare during the week.

The next recipes we've earmarked for Jane to try are the Chickpea Cutlets, which the authors tout as one of their best recipes, and the vegan Mac 'n Cheese because we miss that comfort food! We'll keep you posted.


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