How to be vegan or vegetarian and stay healthy

How to be vegan or vegetarian and stay healthy
Yes, vegans and vegetarians on well-balanced diets can have lower rates of heart disease, certain types of cancer and diabetes, but they need to eat right too.

How many calories are in Hogtown Vegan’s roast “beef” sandwich?
And sometimes, vegans don’t eat well.

This Vegan Food Company Has Found a Way to Keep 97 Percent of Its Waste Out of Landfills

These four Orange County spots think differently about vegan dining
In Orange County, vegan food always has been part of the overall culinary conversation, an influential part of everything from immigrant cuisine to surfer grub for not years, but decades.

Taco Bell Relaunches Vegan-Certified Rice
As of June 15, 2017, fast food chain, Taco Bell replaced all of its seasoned rice with vegan-certified rice at all store locations.


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