Vegan Valentine’s Day: Oh the Pressure!

Valentine’s Day is coming. Thursday night is the night designated to show your sweetie how much s/he means to you. Oh, the pressure!

Jane and I have been together ten years. It’s a long enough period of time for us to have gotten to know what the other wants or expects on these kinds of holidays. For instance, I know that Jane loves it when I bring home flowers, but she can’t stand the idea of the ridiculously inflated costs of flowers at this time of the year. Neither one of us believes that this is a legitimate gift-giving “holiday” – so there’s no expectation that either of us is going to procure an amazing gift for the other. But there is some sense of needing to make this day a bit more out of the ordinary, we do after all, value and cherish our relationship.

Since it’s our first Vegan Valentine’s Day, I’ve been poking around the internet trying to find some vegan chocolate confection to get Jane. I’d like to come home with the traditional heart-shaped box of chocolates, vegan chocolates, of course. So I’ve been out there looking to see what you all might have to say on the subject. Dreena Burton, author of The Everyday Vegan, blogged last week about a vegan sweet-treat for your sweetheart. While she didn’t provide me with a solution (I’ve waited too long to order on-line), I did find her post to be humorous:

Hellooooo??! boys out there: listen up! Your women would like some DECENT vegan treats and we aren’t all excited about flowers (ex: me), especially roses on Valentine’s which are altogether predictable, and they wilt so quickly. Yes boys, plan in advance… shop and buy some treats now. Not the night before, or even worse, Valentine’s Day itself. (ahem, you know who you are husband of a dear friend of mine)

Now, I’m not the husband of a dear friend, but I could be! I do know better than to leave everything until the last minute, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself. I wonder if Jane’s in the same boat? Jane, you’re not reading this post are you?

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