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I read a rather funny description of flying as a vegan in Monday's New York Times.  The article was authored by Wayne Pacelle, of the US Humane Society and let me tell you, I can relate!  Pacelle talks about his travails trying to get peanut butter through security -- "The security agent insisted that my carry-on food product was a cream, and therefore a forbidden substance. A rather strange discussion ensued in which I tried to explain that peanut butter was a solid with a “creamy” consistency. Creamy was, in this case, an adjective. And the peanut butter should not be thrown in the trash."

Although Pacelle doesn't offer tips for getting through air travel, he does mention he is occasionally served Biscoff cookies onboard certain airlines (but doesn't tell us which ones) and says they taste great and are a safe choice for vegans.  If you're curious, you can find them here at Amazon.  (Note: the Biscoff with Chocolate, the Sinful Biscoff, the Snowflake Wrapped Biscoff, and the Nutcracker Wrapped Biscoff all contain milk, and are therefore not suitable for vegans.)

Our strategy is to bring our own vegan goodies.  We tend to keep a few vegan protein bars in the house, and always have nuts on hand, so that covers any spur of the moment activities.  If we have time to plan ahead, Jane makes sure to bring us things that travel well.  Often we'll bring a travel container of hummus, some vegan pretzels, and fruit.  And if I'm really lucky, Jane will bake some goodies ahead of time (banana nut muffins or brownies), and we'll have those too.

Although there wasn't a lot to the article, we do share Pacelle's dream of one day being able to walk through every airport and find wholesome vegan fare that is easily accessible.


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