Vegan Thanksgiving

Jane and I have been traveling recently.  We were so wrapped up in planning for our trip, getting things ready for us to be gone at work,  and then being away that we cannot get our minds around the fact that it is the start of the holiday season already.  How did that happen?

Normally we plan our meal way in advance as Thanksgiving is "our" holiday.  Our tradition is that we always eat the dinner alone together and "dessert around the world."  One year we visited with four other families for dessert.  The trick to surviving that is to eat the smallest possible amount everywhere. Now we try to limit it to 2 households.  This year, we'll be stopping at one of our neighbors and our cousins who live nearby.

Anyway, because we're so strapped for time this year, and because we are pretty happy with the way our meal turned out last year, we decided to recycle that menu.

So here's what we're making, again:

Jane will make her apple pie to bring to our cousins house, and her chocolate truffles for the neighbors.  She's toying with a vegan cheesecake recipe, but doesn't know if she'll have the time.  Anyway, if you're still working on your menu, don't forget, we've got a number of Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes posted.

Whatever you wind up doing, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Those are quite a bit of families to visit on Thanksgiving what is Christmas like? lol!
    Quick question. How to you cook your Celebration Roast? I am preparing that at my in-laws tomorrow.

    my e-mail

  2. What a great selection. I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving!
    Can’t wait to see what you have for the other upcoming holidays.

    To Your Health!
    James Reno (editor)

  3. I like the cashew gravy recipe. Probably the only thing I miss from my savage meat eating days is soaking everything in gravy – this should serve as a great substitute.

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