Vegan Thanksgiving Turkey 2015

It’s that time of the year again… Jane and I are sitting down to plan our Thanksgiving menu.

Tofurky_feastIf this is your first Thanksgiving as a vegan, or if you would like to bring something to the table that the omnivores in your life might consider a reasonable alternative to the ubiquitous turkey, I would strongly suggest avoiding Tofurky. While we have eaten our fair share of Tofurky at Thanksgiving, and have been happy to have it, in our opinion, there are considerably better options available today.

The two best turkey alternatives (again, in our opinion) are Gardein’s Holiday Roast and Trader Joe’s Breaded Turkey-less Stuffed Roast with Gravy. In both looks and taste both are very similar, with the exception of the gravy. Gardein’s gravy has more obvious overtones of sage and is a lighter brown than the TJs version.


Last week Jane prepared both roasts so we could taste them simultaneously. Jane felt they were both equally good, while I thought the Gardein was slightly better, but I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if I didn’t have them both on my plate at the same time.

trader joes holiday roastSo, for us, the fact that the TJs roast is $10, versus $15 for the Gardein roast, and we can get 3 TJs for the price of 2 Gardein’s means that we will be stocking up on the TJs roast. Stocking up? you ask… yes I chose those words carefully. Trader Joe’s only gets in a limited supply of their Turkey-less roasts, and they often run out of their holiday products before the end of the season.

Nutritional info can be found here:

Note that Trader Joe’s considers their 40 oz. roast enough for 6 servings, while Gardein thinks their 40 oz. roast should serve 8.

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