Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

vegan thanksgivingThanksgiving has always been our favorite holiday.

First, we'd like to thank everyone who shared their recipes with us.  There are some really wonderful sounding dishes here.  We hope you find this compilation of Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes of value when you're planning your Thanksgiving Feast!

We'd also like to thank the nice people at for their photo of thankful turkeys...




Main Dishes

Side Dishes




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  1. In my experience, tofu pumpkin pie recipes don’t quite compare to the original. My recommendation is to check out “Non-Tofu Pumpkin Pie,”
    Simply the best pumpkin pie I’ve ever had.

  2. Thanks for this! I would’ve rather seen the recipe call for Agave, since Honey is not vegan.

  3. Great website, the information is good, and the content will keep me coming back, thanks again.

  4. dude this will come in so handy for my thanksgiving celebration. i am having my omnivore parents over for a proper vegan feast! this will help me make it even more pleasant for them. :D

  5. Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for the recipe link. “Simply the best” is certainly worth trying!

    Hi Cherl,
    I didn’t edit this in the recipe because we do consider honey vegan and have weighed in on that many times. Of course, many vegans take your stand and do not agree with that sentiment. Since it is fairly easy to substitute either brown rice syrup or agave nectar in place of the honey, we didn’t feel the need to edit the authors recipe.

    Hi quarrygirl,
    Glad to be of help. We’re thinking about our menu for next week and will likely incorporate a few of these into our “feast.”

  6. Hey Allison,
    Thanks for the compliment!

  7. I made and loved the holiday nut loaf substituting rice flour for gluten flour and ground flax for wheat germ thus resulting in a glorious vegan gluten free dish. I also tossed in some sundried tomatoes at the end, they were a nice touch.

    The recipe calls for soaking the chickpeas but not cooking them. This made me nervous! I cooked them for about an hour in addition to the overnight soak. I was wondering if it were possible to really not cook them at all.

    Thanks for this recipe!!

  8. Hi Sz,
    Jane was thinking the same thing about the chickpeas. I believe she was planning on trying the Holiday Nut Loaf with canned chickpeas.
    We’re glad you enjoyed the recipe!

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