Vegan Thanksgiving recipe: No ‘Turkey’ Roast

The vegan Thanksgiving roast in this video is from Gaz Oakley’s new Vegan Christmas cookbook.

Vegan Thanksgiving

He coined the phrase ‘No-Turkey’ to describe it and it just might be the best vegan roast; certainly, the best roast that he’s ever made, or so he claims; so festive & meaty. The roast is wrapped in bacon — vegan bacon, that is.

This roast is not only wonderful for vegans but perhaps equally as important, it’s perfect for omnivores. At this time of the year, families and loved one come together. If you non-vegan family members give this roast a try, they might love it and perhaps it might spark an interested in them to that meals do not need to be meat-centric.

The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are the perfect time for peace, adding a few animal-free meals seems more than appropriate.

How to Make Seitan

This vegan roast is made with vegan bacon. The vegan bacon is made with seitan; in the video, you will leave exactly how to make seitan. Seitan is one of my favorite foods.

As always, there are so many positive comments on YouTube about Gaz’ videos. Here are a few:

I love it. The whole point about promoting vegan food is to be inventive and bring interesting and new tastes to the table that boring old meat dishes miss. Whenever I follow recipes I love to play with them and make variations. Bean curd skin also works really well as a coating combined with the bacon, just for example. – Jane Godfrey


The table in the background is everything. Love your channel Gaz!! I am asking Father Christmas for your book! 😀 ???? – Deborah Warren


?Need to make this and so many more of your recipes. Have your first incredible book!!!??? – Leslie Palante

If you are interested there are several other vegan Thanksgiving recipes here on VeganBits and elsewhere on the Internet. Go to YouTube, Instagram, or Google and simply type in “vegan Thanksgiving.”

Vegan Cookbooks

If you are interested in Gaz’ cookbooks, including his latest ‘Vegan Christmas,’ you can find them on Amazon.


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Happy Thanksgiving

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. This is my favorite time of the year. A time when we share good times with friends, family, and loved ones. Moreso, this is my favorite holiday of the year. Wonderful food and great feeling abound.

Thanksgiving should not be one day; you should show love and compassion not only to those who are close to you but to all living things every day of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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