Vegan Thanksgiving Options

vegan turkey

If you're tired of Tofurky and don't feel like trying something new like the Holiday Nut Loaf or Tofurky Take 2, Whole Foods has an option that looks like a lot of fun... a vegan turkey.  At $50, it's not that steep if it truly feeds the 10-16 people it claims it will feed.  However, it's only 4 pounds so we're skeptical.

Thought you all might find it interesting.  (Sorry about the poor quality photo, we don't usually have our camera when we're at the grocery store.)

* Note: If you were planning on making the Vegetarian Plus Whole Turkey, make sure you got/get the package that reads Vegetarian Plus VEGAN Whole Turkey.  The photo above is of the vegetarian, not vegan, product.


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