Vegan Thanksgiving – A Huge Success

Vegan Thanksgiving

Vegan Thanksgiving

We hope you all wound up having a pleasant holiday however you celebrated (if you celebrated).  Our day was very enjoyable.  I'd love to say I was a big help to Jane, however, she did most of the work.  In my defense, she had the week off, whereas I worked until late Wednesday afternoon.  Not to mention the fact that I'm usually not allowed in the kitchen (I'm too much of a slob).

Our meal was wonderful.  Our planned menu consisted of the following:

Vegan Meat

Vegan Meat

We had a few minor changes.  Jane opted not to make the gravy as the Tofurky comes with premade gravy and she was running behind.  She will be making it tomorrow when we run out of the Tofurky Gravy.  The other item that was missing from our table was the Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage.  Jane made it on Wednesday, but it was buried in the back of the fridge and she forgot to take it out and reheat it.  Oops.  Neither one of us noticed until today.  Luckily that's one of those dishes that tastes better after it marinates a bit.

Jane did cook both the Celebration Roast and the Tofurky so we could have a side-by-side taste test.  The results:  she prefered the Celebration Roast, and I prefered the Tofurky.  But the roast is growing on me with each subsequent meal.

Vegan TDay Plate

Vegan TDay Plate

As for the rest, Jane added a banana to the mashed sweet potatoes, as suggested by the Food Network.  She thought it tasted more like the sweetened, marshmallow laden version we've had in the past.  Next year we're probably going back to the plain mashed sweet potatoes, but these are good too.  Jane also surprised me with mashed cauliflower, which I love!!!  The brussels sprouts were delicious as usual.  Typically, I don't care for green beans. I eat them, but they're boring, or smothered in a sauce which renders them unidentifiable.  This recipe was really good, and it works as a cold salad as well as heated up.  The stuffing was fantastic.  It's based on a recipe we used to make in our omni days, from Gourmet magazine, and it totally works as a vegan dish.  And there was the cranberry orange dish.  There wasn't enough room on my plate to fit in all that vegan goodness!

We've had this meal four times now (lunch and dinner yesterday and today), and so far everything has been wonderful.  To those non-vegans out there who can't imagine that a vegan Thanksgiving could taste good, I say, look at this feast and tell me it doesn't look absolutely amazing!


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