Vegan Sex – Dump Your Meds and Jump in Bed

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Vegan Sex: Vegans Do it Better: Dump Your Meds and Jump in Bed

“Eating a plant-based diet will improve both your skin and the brightness of your eyes, making you utterly irresistible in the process,” writes. “


Steamy, salacious and chock full of facts, figures and fantasies come true. This tell-all can be your life!

Vegan Sex: Dump Your Meds and Jump in Bed will show you that when you combine aerobic activity in and out of bed along with a healthy vegan diet, well … sex is magical!

Inside you will find over 100 Delicious Recipes that will help you eat vegan easily and boost energy … the best part, you can begin making them TODAY!


This book has already proven to be controversial within the vegan health community. Sex and sexuality is part of our everyday life.The failure of sexual health, known as erectile dysfunction, is the #1 leading indicator by a few months or a few decades of killer heart attacks and heart disease…all which can be avoided with a whole foods plant-based, healthy eating diet. Having a respected cardiologist, such as Dr. Joel Kahn, partner on this book not only begins conversations that should be happening, but provides sound information from a practicing and respected vegan doctor who lives vegan happiness and is saving lives with a healthy eating diet.


“The adult human has about 100,000 miles of blood vessels. With our typical American diet, we damage and block them. Our health goes to waste for short-term taste. This book will instruct you how to improve blood vessel function and return to the nature we were meant to have. Let’s change our lifestyles and really enjoy our lives.” – Kim Allan William, Sr. M.D., James B. Herrick Professor Chief, Division of Cardiology Rush University Medical Center, Chicago

“The only thing better than a good morning is a wood morning!! ED has been called ground zero of cardiovascular disease. A morning erection can serve as a daily systems check that should put a smile on your face…and maybe even your partner’s ” – Marco Borges author NYT Bestseller The 22 Days Revolution and founder of 22 Days Nutrition

“Healthy eating can add more than just years to your life, but life to your years–healthy people have more fun! Read this book to learn how.” – Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM of, author of How Not to Die


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