Vegan related news bits – Google seeking the ultimate vegan recipe; Wage inequality leads one restaurant to charge men more

Food News

Google is on the Hunt for the Ultimate Vegan Recipes for its Employees; We’re Here to Help – if you have a GREAT recipe, you might want to help Google feed all of their employees

Australian vegan cafe charges men extra 18% to protest nation’s ‘gender pay gap’ – Since men earn more money than women, should they have to pay more for their food?

Never mind CCTV in slaugherhouses, we need to end the meat and dairy industry altogether

You really can eat vegan as a college student. Here’s how. – College is starting. For those who are vegan, leaving home for the first time could be daunting for a variety of reasons. Eating — especially if you have a non-traditional diet — can be difficult.

Vegan diet warning: THIS is why you should be eating red meat – For many of you, this information is not new, but it’s always worth noting. For one, research by Harvard University found that people who eat the most processed meats have a higher overall risk of death.

Everyday Things Which Are Bad for Your Health – While not specifically vegan related, worth a read.

8 Tips for Finding the Best Vegan Food When Eating Out – It is getting easier for vegans to dine out, regardless here are a few worthwhile tips

Vegan Squeezable Yogurt is Now a Thing and We Are So Excited – Personally, I’m not crazy about most of the non-dairy yogurts, but if you like ’em, this might be of interest.

Vegan Doctor Dishes Health Advice Even Meat-Eaters Can’t Disagree With – Must read for everyone, not just vegans (so pass this along)

Celebrities, athletes

Kat Von D Just Launched a New Line of Vegan Makeup Brushes!

Ne-Yo Just Went Vegan – Here’s Why That’s Great News

Eat Vegan Like Game of Thrones Star Nathalie Emmanuel!

Why ‘Bourne Identity’ and ‘Run Lola Run’ Actor Is Vegan

Your Favorite Litchfield Inmate From ‘Orange is the New Black’ Just Went Vegan

Here’s Why Jamie Oliver Is “Split” on the Whole Vegan Thing (and Why Some Vegans “Hate” Him)

English football team becomes first vegan club – An entire team has gone vegan?! No…  but the team’s owner is involved in renewable energy, etc. and has removed meat options from the stadium. The players are not required to be vegans on their own time though.


Your guide to Bethlehem’s VegFest 2017

This Vegan Food and Drink Festival is Coming to New York City in October!

Prepare Yourselves for Glasgow’s Vegan Beer Fest!

Vegan Soulfest is Returning to Baltimore This August!

Restaurants, stores, and new products

Detroit Street Filling Station vegan restaurant opens later this month

Inside Detroit Vegan Soul’s Sharp, New Grandmont Rosedale Restaurant

NYC Chef Develops Avocado Pizza for Vegans

Owners of Boyertown’s Firefly Cafe to open vegan grocery store

Vegan, Cruelty-Free Beauty Brand From Dubai Bows in US

Get Inspired by These Asian-American Female Vegan Business Owners

Major Australian Shoe Brand Gets Vegan Certified

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