Vegan Recipe in Bon Appetit Magazine

bon appetitFor Christmas this year, Jane received a subscription to bon appetit magazine.  She received the gift because the giver knew that she was always cooking and looking at recipes.  Unfortunately, the giver did not pay particular attention to the kind of recipes that Jane was looking at, but it's the thought that counts, eh?

So every month, before passing it along to a friend who does appreciate this kind of cooking,  Jane's been looking through bon appetit for ideas.  Clearly, the magazine is not geared towards vegans, but there are some interesting spice combinations and some hints of ideas of things that could be veganized.  There is even the occasional article that we'll read.  But overall, the magazine is definitely slanted towards omnivores.  So you can imagine our shock, when Jane found a clearly marked vegan recipe in the June issue. It's on page 40 and the recipe is for "Grilled Veggie and Tofu Stack with Balsamic and Mint."  And right above the recipe, highlighted in green, it reads "vegan main dish."  You could have just knocked me over with a feather!  It even sounds good!

They also promote the recipe by indicating  that it "isn't just vegan -- the main course is also high in fiber and low in calories and cholesterol.  Of course, the recipe immediately following is for grilled lamb chops.  But still... bon appetit featured a vegan recipe.


  1. I’ve noticed an increasing number of veg*n recipes in some of the magazines that my mum passes on to me. At least it means that when we get invited to an omnivore’s place, they have more of an idea of what to feed us!

  2. Hi Kate,
    Always a good thing. We have notice our social life has decreased a bit over our 2 years as vegans. One of our cousins is totally flummoxed with the idea of feeding us, so we hardly see her anymore – even though we offer to bring food to share. Of course, her husband can’t abide the idea of anything green on his plate…

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