Vegan Recipe Challenger Beats Meat

A few weeks ago we wrote about a new blog, Hezbollah Tofu. Their purpose, to counter Anthony Bourdain's anti-vegan bias by creating veganized versions of Mr. Bourdain’s “masturbatory, blood-oozing recipes.” Ultimately, they plan on compiling these recipes and selling them, with proceeds donated to vegan outreach organizations in the name of Mr. Bourdain.

In April, Endless Simmer ran a poll to find out who their readers thought fared better in a square-off between Bourdain's French Onion Soup and the veganized version of French Onion Soup. A whopping 87% of the 1,300 visitors to Simmer voted for the veganized soup!

Considering Endless Simmer is not a vegan blog, I'd say that speaks volumes. They don't even have any vegan recipes on their site! While a full-time vegan diet might not appeal to mainstream America, it certainly seems like there is an increase in interest in eating meatless, at least occasionally.

– We’re getting ready to close down our petition to Oprah, asking her to do a piece on factory farming. If you haven’t already signed, please consider doing so. We can all work together to make a difference.


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