Vegan Pregnancy, Daycare, Dating, Being as Eco-friendly as you can, and so much more

Can You Have a Healthy Vegetarian or Vegan Pregnancy?
It is evidence that it is possible to have a healthy vegetarian/vegan pregnancy without any risk to the developing fetus?

How Can I Ensure a Vegan Diet for My Kids in Daycare?
Experiencing an ethical dilemma? Need advice from a humanist perspective?

UK Vegan Collective Aims To Create Permanent Plant-Based Hub
A UK-based vegan group has launched a campaign to raise enough funds to create a permanent physical hub for like-minded people.

East Coast Pizza Chain Adds Vegan Cheese
Coal Fire, a pizza chain in the eastern part of the US, has added a vegan cheese option to the menus at all eight of its locations across Maryland and Virginia.

ThinkThin’s New Vegan Line Taps into $5 Billion Market
Protein bar company ThinkThin recently launched a line of plant-based protein products with the aim of tapping into the growing vegan industry.

The Vegan’s Guide to Dating a Meat Eater
While it’s perfectly understandable to want to date another vegan, it doesn’t always work out. There are thousands of vegans who are unsure how to deal with their carnivorous dates.

How To Be The Most Eco-Friendly Vegan You Can Be
Switch up your commute: Driving solo is one of the worst ways to increase your carbon footprint. Consider ditching the drive for public transport or cycling to work.


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