Vegan Planet has a Blog

I'm so excited. I just found out that Robin Robertson, the author of one of my favorite vegan cookbooks, Vegan Planet, is out here in the blogosphere. Her blog is just over a month old and I've already bookmarked a few recipes I'd love Jane to try. Just so you don't think badly of me for that last comment, we have a rule in our house: since Jane does 99% of the cooking, I'm not allowed to whine about what she's cooking. If I would like her to make something I have to suggest it in advance. And I will get it, usually in the very near future, maybe even that day if I've asked early enough and we have the ingredients on hand. It works for us -- Jane claims she likes not having to come up with the menu for every meal we eat.

Anyway, we found Vegan Planet in our library sometime early in our vegan venture. As I've mentioned before, we try to test drive a cookbook before buying it. So, it came home with us for three weeks, and we drooled over many of the recipes. It now has pride of place on our cookbook shelf.


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