Vegan on FX Television

Oops... forgot to mention. The FX Channel will be airing 30 Days tomorrow night at 10 pm EST. Tomorrow night's episode features George Snedeker, a person who hunts, living with a vegan family in Los Angeles for 30 days. That should be interesting, to say the least. After 30 days of participating in PETA initiatives and working at animal rescue organizations, I wonder how this will change Mr. Snedeker?


  1. It is nice to see veganism getting attention by the media, I just hope the family isn’t portrayed as freaks who live off raw carrots and tofu. I’m not optimistic about it.

    Veganism as a lifestyle is so different from what the majority of Americans would consider “normal” that it isn’t going to take much editing to make the family seem like a bunch of crazies.

    I guess I just don’t have much faith that the producers of the show will value objective filming rather than sensational television.

    Showcasing veganism on a show like this where the goal is to do something “hard” for 30 days already fails to show just how easy being vegan is, and casts a negative shadow on the movement from the beginning.

  2. I’m guardedly optimistic. Though I don’t always agree with all their tactics, the individuals I have met from PETA have been articulate, composed, and at least somewhat savvy about public perception. And – hopefully- Morgan Spurlock, although frustratingly non-vegan, has some respect for veganism since he lives with a vegan chef. But it’s TV, so who knows…

  3. Hi Elaine,
    Yeah, Jane and I don’t have that gene either, nor do we really understand it. But it was an entertaining show. Did you get a chance to see it?

    Hi JoshuaJudd,
    Did you watch? Were you as pleasantly surprized as we were? We fully expected the vegans to be portrayed in a less than flattering light, but then, we had no idea Spurlock’s S.O. is a vegan chef.

    Hi Gary,
    I had no idea his S.O. is a vegan chef. I don’t recall hearing about that in Supersize Me. But I wasn’t vegan then, so it may not have registered. I thought the show was great. My only “issue” was that Lorri Bauston didn’t come off that well, which is a shame as we’ve seen her speak and thoroughly enjoyed her.

  4. Hi Joshua,
    I don’t suspect you’ll be able to watch a current season on line, but doing a quick search, I found this site which allows you to watch full episodes. I would assume that they’ll have this episode online at some point.

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