Vegan News – Warehouse Farms, New Yogurt, Easy Ways to Get People to Eat Their Veggies

A Google-backed warehouse farm just raised $20 million to build in cities across the US
Unlike traditional outdoor farms, Bowery grows greens under LEDs inside a giant warehouse. Instead of soil, crops sprout in nutrient-rich water beds on trays stacked floor to ceiling. The company just raised $20 million. It hopes to build more farms and move beyond greens to other crops.

Pea Protein-Based Vegan Greek Yogurt Coming Soon
Vegan company Ripple is currently developing Greek yogurt, creamy half-and-half, and ice cream made with a proprietary pea protein blend.

“slow-roasted caramelized zucchini bites” and “nutritious green zucchini.”

Simple Menu Innovations That Can Get People To Order Vegetarian Options
Which are you more likely to select off of a menu: “slow-roasted caramelized zucchini bites” or “nutritious green zucchini?” Scientists indicate that most people would order the former. Most vegetarian and vegan options are marketed to people based on their healthy attributes, not for their taste; studies suggest that a slight tweak could result in people consuming less meat and more vegetables.

If everyone in the world became vegan by 2050, according to a 2016 study, food-related carbon emissions would be cut 70%. Even if everyone simply ate less meat than projected, emissions could drop nearly 30%.




image credit: Isabel Eyre

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